Bronze Nazareth and the Wisemen in Gun Rule













by Nick Manes

As OTG reported recently, there was a pretty impressive hip-hop show last Friday night at The Pyramid Scheme. The lineup included the likes of La the Darkman, Willie the Kid, and Dopehead and TrplBlk from The Bruiser Brigade out of Detroit. However, I was especially excited about Detroit producer/performer Bronze Nazareth and his group, The Wisemen.


I’ve known about Bronze since he appeared (and helped create) the 2005 record, Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture. His track, Black Dawn, remains one of my favorite hip-hop tracks in the last decade. Nazareth and The Wisemen were good enough to meet with myself and OTG videographer, Jason Hite. Many thanks to Vertigo Music in downtown Grand Rapids for providing the venue for this interview, as well!









About the author: Nick Manes is a journalist and anti-bitchassness advocate. He serves as a Contributing Editor at #offthegrid.