By Sunez
If the Hip Hop writer doesn’t get his hands dirty in the filth of a music that has been popped and stretched out beyond NYC and all ghettos of the USA then they will also embrace a false purity of their own perceptions. To find new talent and commend it is an honor and its worth is immense as this sifting through the mud finds the real.
With tempos and beat structures of the day, flows seemingly dressed like the moment, Truegetit may be overlooked. However, like many brothers from the toughest streets (here Cleveland to New York) with scarred memories the clichés are thrust but they don’t wear well enough. This Truegetit Indeed mixtape is from one of the most insightful brothers this writer has ever met. Here there is a concentration on the cleverness of lyric, the style of his inflections and the charisma of his stance as on “Padded Walls,” with a digital wailing bleep that segues into sinister horns that dress the ticky high hats and typically studdered beat nicely. “New Era” is the clue to the wealth of Truegetit as personally known as his punctuation and intensity is tempered and determined throughout.


With over a decade of exclusive witness in creative planning and dynamic acapellas, the potential of Truegetit is a premiere build up of talent that Truegetit Indeed begins to hint at.