GZA – Teaching the Best Part…& DARK MATTER LP preview verse

The GZA is a Genius by the greatest means – he has used his Art to learn more and give more.  Before Kool Herc sought to herd youth in party together positively via his breakbeat orAfrika Bambaataa was uniting the ghetto Black/Brown expressions as elements and a unified term of Hip Hop culture, the Gods and the Earths used every tool possible to teach the youth the supremacy inherent in their genetics and platform them to the intelligence they will have to offer.  Through this day, no God or Earth of the Nation of God and Earth knows the best part as anything other than the children.

This is where I know the heart of GZA arises out of, from park jam traveling to introducing RZA to 120 Lessons.  It continues to this day as he uses his abilities and talents as arguably the greatest lyricist in the genre’s history to directly inspire inner city public school youth to study the sciences with the passion and excitement it deserves.

All of this Hip Hop is worthless without these moments of truth…

GZA going acapella with a verse that may or may not be on his Dark Matter LP but 100% drops astronomical jewels.

NARUBI SELAH – Sacred Geometry LP

An MC out of New Jersey residing in Brooklyn, Narubi Selah has perfect command of the track, beautifies her punctuation subtly and is easily the only female MC this side of Sa-Roc with a lyrical dexterity that merges content and wordplay at such a peak.  She must be compared with any other lyricist emerging today before we even think of elevating her stature for the respectably lush femininity she laces the track with.

The just released Sacred Geometry LP follows her I Am Living Math album of 2010 that was filled with strong, clean snapping breaks and soulful melodies and elegant hooks.  Sacred goes beyond the last LP with even more efforts at varied rhyme techniques, stronger beat choices and specific thematic themes along the ill battle verses.

Sacred Geometry LP can be purchased @ Amazon & @ ITunes

Below is her appearance on Crazy Al Cayne’s Spittin In Da Whip show, which may not have technically won the contest according to their rules but proved easily her incredible worth as a superior MC.



When we hear and see #BronzeNation we are hearing Bronze Nazareth & the Wisemen, Sun Tzu Cadre and Desert Eez united and representing the strongest work from any group of MCs and producers this decade has offered.  For 2013, it continues where it began with Phillie (of the Wisemen) (Premiere Interview here) and his near classic (meaning time will confirm its place best) debut album, Welcome to the Detroit Zoo (Premiere Inter-Review here) launching the 2nd video off the project, “Escape Goat“…

This year Sun Tzu Cadre introduced their rising talents on their collective B.I.G. (Blackman is God) album.  Then the STC MCs made vicious battle build lines around their lead producer Lord Jessiah for the seminal beat masterpiece debut, G.O.D. (Grounds of Detroit) [Premiere Review here].  With a wealth of talent and a Premiere feature on Lord Jessiah approaching, here is footage of their recent showcase on tour with Wu-Tang Clan’s Masta Killa…



Los Angeles’ JMega is a young MC that only has a deep catalog of strong to incredible songs in large original mixtape collections.  Clearly, the more we listen, the more he will produce.  This era of music, particularly this year is filled with MCs of great talent and a consistency of determination that was expected to be extinct by now.  An accent of toughness and a deceptively slower cadence carry all JMega’s verses and on this track, “I Am King” from the forthcoming Niggaz is Kingz album, they are on display.  The pensive flute, punctuating keys and the high, dominant snare make for a rugged ride track.

RAEKWON feat. AZ – “86 Remix”

After 2009’s Cuban Linx 2, we openly acknowledge what had never really wavered: Raekwon is one of the great lyricist MCs of all time. While we may immediately, and often incorrectly, dismiss his content as merely of the non-square side of the street, it is his incredible verbatim dexterity and effortless fluidity that has few peers. On the “86 Remix,” the track is exposed as a “Sugarhill 2” with AZ, one of the rare peers whose flow may even be superior to Rae’s.  If real Hip Hop had a proper commercialized worth this track would be more than radio buzzing and ringtone ready. The original “86” is off the free album, Lost Jewlry, that is a decent beat soundscape that is blatantly overshadowed by Raekwon’s slang cleverness and whipped flow.

NAPOLEON DA LEGEND – “Dancing in the Rain”
The brother Napoleon continues to allow us to celebrate the release of a perfect MC debut showcase, his Awakening LP, with the release of the “Dancing in the Rain” single. Before the Premiere Hip Hop Napoleon feature, do the knowledge to the next video single and the Premiere review: Awakening

Sean Price – “Barbarian

Another great track off the latest, greatest solo album from P.  Produced by Alchemist, P’s wordplay (“I don’t want to dougie/ I just want money/Studied under the understudy the 120/young dummies can’t spar/No life, my flow tight like your pants are/You don’t got a chance, Pa/Ansaar community, Malachi York fricasse- Yo, fuck a eulogy”) is one of the tools here he has used to reinvigorate Hip Hop music completely and help lead NYC’s resurrection definitively.


The resurrection of NYC Hip Hop this decade can’t be told without the Broken Home click. At April 8th’s release party for Spit Gemz album Fvck the Radio (Premiere review here), the performance level achieved was extra ordinary. G.S. Advance clearly will have one of 2014’s most lyrical albums of powerful diction and exceptional ideas. Eff Yoo was articulately demonic and comically engaging as the primary MC host. It all began with Aye Wun who gave a performance that would have earned him a record deal but Broken Home doesn’t just save the fvck you’s for radio…By the end of the 4 hour concert celebration, Gemz’ closing set was as much an acknowledgement of his excellent album as well as a primer on the coming greatness of Broken Home.

The Broken Home crew is filled with MCs that all can hone albums that are real long playing, long lasting thematic efforts.  After seeing them all live at Spit Gemz’ release party all of them are exceptional at performing their material with command, improvisation and ruggedness.

Real crowd motivators here is Aye Wun as the prime example…

Spit Gemz’ single “Louder” is off his upcoming album fully produced by Stu Bangas:

G.S. Advance is a student of thoughts and a destroyer of feelings and on the mic that all fucks your head up. One of the sincerest MCs I’ve ever met and a brother with a great command of wordplay able to interject a deep metaphysical thought while he ponders Corey Haim’s worth. In addition, he is a cryptic beatmaker that propels Broken Home with their own unique in-house exclusive works. His solo album is being prepped for 2014 but until then…

Eff Yoo continues to improve with fluidity merging more and more with his literate, rugged articulate enunciation.

Tek Bully prepares his EP, Bully Shit, releasing material that surprises with a strong delivery and ill flow..

Starvin B looms closely with his next album to follow his best work, Something in the Water.  The new upcoming is entitled Be Like Water…

Starvin B – Be Like Water

FIRST LIGHT (OPIO & PEP LOVE) – “Hold On” off Fallacy Fantasy LP

No history of Hip Hop music will be complete or with any respect without the Hieroglyphics crew.  Along with Wu-Tang Clan and Boot Camp Click, they are some of the greatest MCs ever assembled for one common cause.  After a 2012 filled with excellent LPs (Del the Funky Homosapien’s Attractive Sin; Phesto Dee’s Background Check, Opio’s Vulture’s Wisdom Vol. 2; Tajai x Sleeprockers Machine Language; Pep Love’s Rigmarole), they return with the Fallacy Fantasy LP teaming Souls of Mischief’s Opio and Pep Love).  Hiero MCs have always had perfect syllable matching, unique wordplay and the illest battle bombs.  Beatwise, the melodics are flowing and the breaks tough.  Nothing changed but bettered for the music.

HELL RAZAH – “Skull & Bones” (prod. DOMINGO)

 My brother Hell Razah is an inspiration musically and as a surviving, thriving Original man.  As he prepares a multitude of albums including one produced by Domingo, Premiere Hip Hop in the coming month will bring an exclusive feature on one of Hip Hop’s legendary lyricists.

SHAZ ILLYORK – “Shaman,” “Chopper RMX” & Spittin In Da Whip feature

Another upcoming Premiere feature is on Shaz Illyork, who is set to release his debut LP, Deadstock Revival on June 4th.  An MC with superb wordplay and layered rhyme schemes through a chiseled voice, his insights are captured intriguingly.  Below are some of Deadstock’s upcoming tracks and his appearance on Crazy Al Cayne’s show.


Undeniable’s Sinnagi and O7 return with the 4th of the 5 volume free EP series (Knowledge the Volume 1 review here).  This one is marked by diversity that makes right of more appealing soundscapes and show their wide connection with their Queens underground peers (i.e. Gab Gotcha, Nutso, Kon Boogie).  What they’re doing here is not just a fresh marketing/promotion campaign but sharing music that is more successfully (as in quality not mere potential monetary measures) diverse than 90% of great MCs can venture into and 100% of what wack rappers should never.  Knowledge them and be surprised as I, a long time chronicler of their rising development…


JOEY BADA$$ – “Unorthodox” (prod. DJ Premier)

& featured on STATIK SELKATH’s “Bird’s Eye View” w/Raekwon & Black Thought

Bada$$ is born right in the middle of the greatest decade of Hip Hop music making and it constantly is infused in his flow.  An admirer of DOOM’s career, Bada$$ also has a deep toned voice and a rolling flow that fills the beat space with words upon words.  Destroying a Premo track ought to merely be the beginning of the great producers he merits.

Over a souled hook by Statik Selektah, it is ideal for Raekwon’s wordplay and understated timing.  Bada$$ follows in the same vein with a phrasing that tumbles tough.  Then Black Thought beasts in the same way but over bars amazingly…


 Tragedy Khadafi is one of the most influential lyricists in Hip Hop history.  His merged ghetto warfare/KOS slang, cut phrasing all  (in)directly influenced/mentored the greatest Queensbridge MCs.   Tragic Allies, a trio of  Purpose, Estee Nack and Code Nine have been amassing a back catalog that this writer is diving into to prepare for their album with Khadafi as 7 G.E.M.S.   The album entitled Golden Era Music Sciences will feature Roc Marciano and Killah Priest and produced by Purpose.  The single “Without You” preludes an anticipated work.

 WHYZ RULER – “E.N.Y.” (produced by J-Love)

Whyz Ruler is an MC/producer that reps East New York, Brooklyn/Medina. With the aid of J-Love, Whyz Ruler has shone on many tracks and now strikes out on his own.  A complete artist on the come up, the brother also produced Masta Killa’s “Iron God Chamber” posse cut on the 2006 Made In Brooklyn album.  Grittiness is a gift and not automatic given the residence and Whyz shows it on this track.  His upcoming debut album, He Exists, is anticipated by this G.

RUGGED N RAW – “Forever Gone”

Rugged N Raw is preparing the 2nd Book of Anomaly.  While that happens rewind to his Premiere feature here  (the Anamoly Book I review here) and knowledge the ill tale from Book One…

CHIEF KAMACHI – “Revolt Seven”

Chief Kamachi also prepares his next album, Radio Raheem, following his last lyrical gem, Rise & Rhyme, Vol. 1. (Knowledge the review here).  “Revolt Seven” is anthemic bars and a triumphant chorus with the violent guitar riffs. Music for 7’s…

J-LIVE – “The Fun Razor

 Like Kamachi, one of the greatest MCs of the last decade, every release by J-Live is b-boy material.  The Triple Threat MC/DJ/Producer here produces a head nodder and laces it with deft word coupling, clever references and engaging flow.

GENGHIS KHAN – “Lucifer” 

Genghis Khan is an MC who works hard on quality, rhymes precise, has a forceful clarity all on breaks that bang sharply.  “Lucifer” is off his upcoming Haima (Her Absence Is My AntiChrist) LP and is continuing the precision last year’s Broken Love free LP revealed.