Napoleon Da Legend now offers the summative track of his supreme debut LP Awakening with “Knees of Atlas.”  A debut that captures the mix of sincerity, talent and greater purpose this young brother is magnificently MCing us too.  On “Knees of Atlas,” the Dus produced track is a simple yet sharp funk groove that deliberately spotlights his verses while the video direction offers a straight ahead forum for us to knowledge Po and the vast scenery he lyrically paints around and through.  The verses are bar’d at one of NDL’s slowest tempos, extending the bar’s length without losing the flow.  Much of this is achieved by great word coupling (i.e. “type prejudice/ presidential/ essential like amino acids/ you never go in/ type celibate/ you see no action”) and internal rhymes (“He’s like the latest model mixed with oldest vintage/as you’re listening you’re witnessing my road to riches”) displayed.


Verse 1

Focus on my speech/ Kid, I’m out of reach/what all you rappers are formulating is obsolete/I’m the type don’t even count it’s all there/rocking a coat made out of pure African horse hair/Pharo Gamo Po quick to tear a model tho/I terrorize your record sales and paralyze your dough/ and that’s the easy part /I’ll reach out and squeeze your heart/ nowadays can hardly tell these MCs apart/ all your bars is empty and all your cars are rented/ your baby momma ugly and now you’re more selective/ besides the money rap you ain’t saying much of nothing/ disposable to record labels after the money crunching/I’m the type I’m  always up to something/I let her fly free like a boomerang/ don’t need to cuff the muffin/this is capitalism/ we’re rapping for a living/ in this game the line is thin between fact and fiction/I’m the equalizer/ could tell you if he’s a liar/ and if you’re stuck by your means you need to dream higher/ the whole electorate wondering who the legend is/ my fans hate other rappers/ type prejudice/ presidential/ essential like amino acids you never go in/ type celibate/ you see no action/ you lead the people backwards/ and you ain’t even average/ Po carry the globe on his shoulders with the Knees of Atlas


Watch me cook that fly marvelous you starve for this/this is Po, one man brand and marketing/gather around/ nothing else will matter now/the streets is mine/your movements is dead /ask around

Verse 2

Fly talker/kill the fly with a bazooka/surpass the present/I epitomize the future/ told you from jump street/ these rappers are too comfy/my flow illegal in one hundred forty countries/Po Pharo know you heard it for sure/ meanwhile standby watch a murder occur/Po, I ain’t laughing with you/paparazzi snap ya picture/I’m the last of a breed that carries that elixir/ everything that glitters ain’t necessary precious like the metal gold/I’m flowing legendarily/speaking Po is like a beacon of light/I rock a party steal the show like a thief in the night/He’s like the latest model mixed with oldest vintage/as you’re listening you’re witnessing my road to riches/life could be cold and vicious/that’s why I hold my vision/to propel me out of the lowest ditches/bloodsuckers and bottom feeders rocking the coliseum/I wish his father could see him/silicone titties with bras leaking/raw inside the cleavage/ no wonder that my name coincides with genius/ from my ashes I’m always rising like a phoenix/ and if I said then I mean it Pharo Gammo/ and if I sell it then I breathe it/ you see the logo on the packaging/ you better cop it when you see it


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