What Happens After We Bomb Syria? Plus Full Syria coverage

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What Happens After We Bomb Syria?

“Once again, the question on everyone’s minds as they turn on their evening news is: “Are we at war yet?” This time, against Syria. Have the bombs started dropping? Have the sorties started? Have the cruise missiles been unleashed?

The conventional-wisdom mavens of Washington have already arrived at a consensus — yes, we are going to attack Syria soon, but we’ll do it from afar, with missiles and other means which reduce the military risk to American soldiers to zero. Think Libya, not Iraq, in other words.

What’s astonishing in all this war chatter is that so few are asking the fundamental question any sort of “shock and awe” operation truly demands: “What happens after the bombing raid is over?” I certainly don’t have the answer, but I’m holding out hope that President Obama and his national security team are at least seriously considering the question.

If we do attack Syria, it will be solely for realpolitik reasons. President Obama drew a line in the sand, Syria crossed it, and so they will pay the price for defying American demands. Oh, we may put some sort of international veneer on the operation (allowing France and Britain to fire off a few missiles, or some other token actions), but the world will know the truth — we’ll be bombing Syria because they disobeyed the United States. I leave it (for now) to others to debate the ins and outs of how we got here and whether we should go ahead and (as John McCain puts it) “crater their runways” tomorrow, next week, or not at all.

The Syrian civil war has been going on for two years now. President Obama has been reluctant to get involved from the very beginning. The American public has been even more reluctant at the prospect of America getting involved in another military mission in the Middle East. We’re war-weary, to put it bluntly. Obama has issued the usual calls to end all violence, to no effect. But about a year ago, he famously drew a “red line” on using chemical weapons. Doing so would draw an American response, he promised.”

What should happen is the immediate impeachment and removal from office of our dictator-President. Syria is NOT an imminent threat to the U.S., and we have no legal authority to commence war without congressional approval. Only 9% – the drooling idiot class of Americans – favors military intervention in Syria. That’s less than the number of people who approve of Dick Cheney.

Obama is on the cusp of igniting a real shooting war with Russia and starting a grand Middle East conflagration, which would make him the stupidest man to occupy the oval office in recent history, W included.

Obama should spend some time thinking about what that Nobel Peace Prize was supposed to mean and STAY OUT OF SYRIA! – Wes

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