Rah Digga plans to bring the city of Newark “The Dance Network”, which will be a positive place for kids


Rapper, actress, activist, and Newark NJ native/resident Rah Digga has been bringing to life a plan to help save our urban youth. The public may best  know Rah Digga for being a longtime member of Busta Rhyme’s Flipmode Squad and her acting roles in “Thirteen Ghosts” (2001) and also appearing alongside Beyonce in MTV’s Carmen: A Hip Hopera (2001).

Rah Digga plans to bring the city of Newark “The Dance Network”, which will be a positive place for kids to unleash their creativity and avoid the wicked pitfalls of the streets.  Rah Digga has obtained a lease for one of SEVERAL abandoned spaces in downtown Newark, and with the help of countless community members they will have the place completely renovated in 30 days. This facility will act as a meeting ground for various talented children/people in the city of Newark, as well as the surrounding areas. The focus will be dance in all of its variations. It is a chance for children that do not attend the one (1) performing arts school (Arts High School) in the city to receive some formal training. The goal is to develop full-scale dance recitals, theatrical productions to be performed in our city, and basically act as a stomping ground to deter talented kids from getting into trouble with their idle time.

This is where you can help out tremendously, Rah Digga set up a Kickstarter account to help fund this project.  Kickstarter is a funding campaign that lasts one month, and if all donations reach the pledged amount of $20,000 by Thursday October 17, 2013, 6:25am EDT then this positive project for Newark will be funded.  If donations do not reach $20,000 or better the project will not be funded and all money will be returned to the people that have donated.

Right now with 19 days left, Rah Digga has raised $4,827 towards the $20,000 goal.  Let’s help her reach her goal and let’s help the kids every dollar counts.  Please donate by clicking on the link below and thank you all.