Please sign the petition “Lynn, Mass. Mayor Judith Kennedy & Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick: Provide an independent investigation into the murder of Iraq war veteran Denis Reynoso, in his home, by the Lynn Police.” on

If you haven’t heard the tragic story of the killing of yet another, unarmed man, by Lynn, Massachusetts police, then please click on this link to the story we posted previously on our site, then read on to sign the petition for an unbiased and independent investigation.

Denis Reynoso was an Iraq war veteran, and a loving father with a fiance, and as far as we can tell at this time, this was an unjustified and unwarranted execution of ANOTHER one of our people that should not have happened. I’ve grown weary of writing about the killing of unarmed men; our brothers; our fathers; Uncles, nephews, and sons;  but if we don’t do something about it, these incidents will stay alive and we will never rise up and extinguish the injustices that we have suffered since the beginning of our “introduction”,  if you will, to the Americas and the Caribbean, up until this day. Please sing the petition so we can get an unbiased, and independent investigation into events that led to the death of Denis Reynoso. Denis, his children and his fiance deserve to know the truth and we will persevere until true justice is attained. Click the link below and sign please. Peace & much appreciation.

“Justice for Denis is getting all the facts, undisputed, not the facts that the officers say—Denis can’t give his side. The only facts are those proven by non-interested forensics experts–and reported by witnesses that do not have a self interest in preserving the legitimacy of the Lynn Police Department.” – Taken from the FB page “Justice for Denis Reynoso”