Nas Live In Central Park

The date was Sunday August 15, 2004 Nas live in Central Park was a one in a lifetime opportunity to see one of the greatest rappers of all time perform many of his greatest hits. When word got out that Nas was performing live in Central Park people lined up for hours. When it was time to let the fans in, thousands were left outside trying to climb the fence to see Nasty Nas the pride of Queensbridge rock the stage. With special guest performances by Busta Rhymes and Mobb Deep, Nas gave the fans in Central Park something they would never forget. Then when someone from the crowd yelled for him to play Either he happily obliged and the place went crazy. By the time he closed to show with his hit One Mic, it was very clear that Nas was just as amazing now as he was when he dropped his classic first record Illmatic.