MARCH 25th RELEASE: Lord Jessiah Allah + Phillie (of the Wisemen) – Crimeline Chronicles

Continuing the onslaught of blazing releases, producer/MC Jessiah Allah of Black day in July Productions and Phillie of the Wisemen, prepare to drop their collaboration project, “Crimeline Chronicles” on March 25th, 2014. This project is SURE to keep the heads in the streets attention, while concurrently enlightening 85ers with the livest beats and lines.

Featuring Bronze Nazareth, Crown Vic, Alius Pnukkl, Kevlaar 7, Salute da kidd, Illah dayz, Drugs thee emcee, and Merc versus, listeners better get their brains ready for massive jewels. Be SURE to support and go cop this joint 3-25-14!!