SUNSET STYLE: The Next Element of Hip Hop

“Jazz is not background music. You must concentrate upon it in order to get the most of it…The harmonies within the music can relax, soothe and uplift the mind when you concentrate upon and absorb it. Jazz music stimulates the minds and uplifts the souls of those who play it [as] well as of those who listen to immerse themselves in it. As the mind is stimulated and the soul uplifted, this is eventually reflected in the body.” – Horace Silver

All true Jazz collections must be varied and extensive as the loveliest intense endeavor.  The fruit of such is the beauty, elegance and Black love that exudes in a perfect song as “Lonely Woman.”  Horace Silver, dominant in my favorite era of Hard Bop Jazz, and molder of that true Soul Jazz, signature Blue Note sound, is a legend and will be missed and revered.  Our people aren’t just musical notes and phrasings well souled and deeply Blues’d.  We can write this way, think science this profoundly, make and create society this way.  The work Horace Silver leaves behind is only to be a score of our alike engagement in all pursuits as supreme creators, living with, and within our own creation.

Remembered in Perfection so we may, what must, continue…this Art on Art Premierely…

Peace, Sunez

“I hope that I may inspire some of the youth of today, as these musicians inspired and still do inspire me…” – Horace Silver

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