The Untold Story Of Chi King #TuSock Hosted by DJ Red Diamond

Featuring: Prodigal Sunn, Rakka Irescience, L Davis, G Dep, Filthee, Planet Asia, Fredro Starr, Ra Bigalow, Makem Pay, ATV, Duane Da Roc, 12 O’clock, Sarah Shine, Dollermentary, Larceny, Killa Priest & DJ Red Diamond.

Just heard the whole joint and it’s straight bangin!  From start to finish my brotha Chi King is killin each and every track! Chi is bringin it back to the true essence of HIP-HOP!  Makes you feel like you back in Brooklyn at the corner bodega chillin drinkin some 40’s and just wildin out! Support REAL HIP-HOP and listen and download my brotha’s joint! #TuSock


Here’s the video to one of the jointz on the mix cd…