Domestic Violence Within the NFL and Within our Country!

Who’s Truly To Blame???

Guilty until proven innocent is the narrative that has played in my head since the elevator punch seen ’round the world.  The single punch that sat the NFL on its back has been the topic of conversation for many since the incident.  In our society where the peer pressure your mama always warned you about rules supreme, Who has truly dropped the ball? The legal system?  The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell?  The Baltimore Ravens?  or is this one big “cover your ass” convention?  Since 2000 domestic violence has accounted for 85 of the 713 arrests of NFL Players, so why the uproar now? A lot of questions, but very few answers.  As a product of a very big football family I’m disgusted but not surprised at those numbers.

For most if not all of these athletes, particularly football players they are made to feel above “normal” humans beings who aren’t as physically gifted.  So can we not expect them to feel above the law once they are making millions of dollars?  To most people in the moment 85 domestic violence cases is the issue, but the 713 arrests speaks to the root cause.  So who’s truly to blame??  Roger Goodell, whose actions mirrored those of all that preceded him?  The Baltimore Ravens, who were just clearly following suit? The legal system, who has been dropping the ball for quite some time now dealing wit professional athletes?  Everyone is to blame.  From the high school that changed the grades of the star football player.  To the parents who never asked their star athlete where his/her homework was.  To the college professor who put that “B” in the grade book for a person they never saw in class.  Its all learned behavior that is going to be hard if not damn near impossible to correct.

So now in attempts to rectify the situation and salvage what’s left of its reputation, the NFL has been handing down harsh penalties if they smell an arrest.  This guilty until proven innocent method they have employed is nothing but another issue that should be resolved, opposed to a solution of the issue at hand.  Stop trying to please everyone, make a decision, stick with that decision, and don’t feel compelled to make everyone “comfortable”.  The billion dollar empire that is the NFL should not be placed with more social responsibility then our legal system, nor are they responsible for raising these boys to men.  So lets redirect our questions so that we may receive better answers and expect more effective solutions.  If the law allows those with more money to get away with crimes then that will be reflected in every entity in this country, and has been.  Therefore while we witness the massive amount of cover ups let us not for get who is at the top of this totem pole, who actually has the power, and who we should really be disappointed in.  The person truly to blame, OURSELVES,  for being so easily blinded and misguided.  The more we fight the wrong fight, the more these injustices will continue to go on without consequence.

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