No Album Has Gone Platinum In 2014

Was A$AP Yams onto something? No seriously? After he went on his infamous rant concerning the state of music in 2014 and labeling this year as the worst in rap history, many people dubbed him insane. Yams touched on a sensitive topic, which in reality, has a plethora of artists in the game shaking in their boots. According to Billboard, there hasn’t been a single artist to go platinum thus far this year. Let that just marinate.

That’s right. No albums have went platinum this year. While Rick Ross’ Mastermind and Young Jeezy’s Seen It All tallied in strong week one numbers, they haven’t even touched gold this year. In addition, albums like Wiz Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood, Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic are also having difficulty tittering over 400,000.

Can Nicki, Lil Wayne or Kanye, or Bronze Nazareth, or Phryme save the day going into the latter part of the year? We’ll see. Let’s just pray that the apocalypse isn’t here just yet.