SUNSET STYLE: The Next Element of Hip Hop By SUNEZ

Knowledge this tick young brother! 

Young Boricua, listen to that tock!

¡Dominicano joven, mira este reloj que no se cambia! 

Black and Brown youths!

Do the knowledge to that wailing watch of war down in our hell!

It›s been stuck on an oppression going on about over 6000 years to the o›clock if you let me show you how to read it.

Those hands right now are about half past 400 years despite the big hand on their emancipation proclamation and that little hand on that Obama presidency. 

Still, the time now is fifteen minutes past fame in the hour of everywhere is war.

Build with us all ye drafted warriors.  It isn’t enough to know that those who never had the ability to make or create will justifiably take and incinerate.  These are times where slaves can’t even toil or even be cheated out of spoils where as every downloaded day is filled with foils of fails.  So that bubble bursts where you know they won’t even let you stay in your ghetto peacefully.  We caged animals fueling the matrix are still beaten and killed!

Build with the Gods!  20 years ago I marched to bring justice to Anthony Baez slain by a dirty copper’s choke hold.  We walked and walked and Tats Cru graffiti legends pointed their markers in tribute.  I bumped into Fat Joe in the crowd not being a star but just one of the people.  He told me we had to be here.   But I needed to know where we could go?

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So brothers you have no choice.  You are in this war and you let it sink in on the marching.  You demand your humanity and when you riot, strengthen your mettle and wonder if it’s right.  To give away the right letting anyone’s hate make you a savage in the pursuit of humanity.  We understand even when the world won’t comprehend.

So warriors in war all yell FTP! And we need to end the pigs in the street and on the plate but we are really saying the Father’s Truth is the Power.  The truth of this ol’ Allah School in Mecca I teach, train, study and pen out of is as an institution of forums.  Forums to prepare for the performance of the culture you demand.  The marches’ path will end and that boot camp will be over.  And when you are ready for your stripes Almighty brethren, this knowledge of self is the forum to self-create your reality.

Knowing, an awareness, of self so supreme that there is no mystery God in the sky, in the energy around, or the force you expel.  You are it and the science is here.  I scroll up Mecca Mission pages as the just maps that float the boroughs and beyond to lead you here. For the world, we’ll transmit them premierely. And in this particular month’s route, we have a forum for you: The Right Foods.  Creators creating their own Creation is all there is and the right foods is the active, alive awareness of everything you consume.

These are high sciences for those wanted just to turn through convenient drums repeating and fancy loops and chops other men work through crates for.  But as our ears are blessed and if the word means more than the flow spilled by the master of ceremony then hese are the right foods for the revolution time.  These PremiereHipHop digisheets are the answers to this supreme music and if you enroll online or straight up in Mecca, we’ll build in the mind.  Our school is open and waiting for you young warriors. Until then nourish your weapons in these pages because we will not just survive.

We will thrive in our enlightenment.

Your older brother in the struggle,

Sunez Allah.

PremiereHipHop Endlessly Ascends Creative Excellence.



Post Script:

If you’re in Harlem, NYC pick up an issue of The Mecca Mission (or subscribe by emailing for info) and stop by the school it represents.  If not, keep knowledging and listen to this Hip Hop music with integrity.  For what you choose will be a reflection of your love for this expressive culture.

The Mecca Mission is the official paper of the 5% Nation of the Gods and Earths through Allah School in Mecca for the World
Your Editor-In-Chief, Sunez Allah