Remembered in Perfection… and I won’t member in the mystery.   Never from the splendor of pompous perfect or the manipulated memories of members of the exalted perfected classes. Instead they are the really remembered bio of ethers that the downtrodden embrace like downrocking on that asphalt with the audacity of dope. As amplified faults tremor the lands of wax and our voices are autotuned through Matrix funnels, the Wisdom Cipher is a square with old corners I cherish the truth at. A truth leaving this year in so many ways that i tell yous of all bibles Quran and mystery manuals that we needed to knowledge our culture. 2014 was the edutainment of loss and beats and rhymes, just snares and bars ain’t supposed to be so important but its been just that.

2014, Returned to the essence and so I remember in perfection. An inspiration that sparked my entire element here left, Amiri Baraka. The wisdom of my elder, one of the older Gods that put me on on how to rock this knowledge of self with the currents for kids and the chaos against the conniving, Wise Jamel Allah. And a legend of this era my pen works to one day share to all, my brother from another, my A-Alike whose life changed every family he was around and whose work must and will impact generations of men of great voices of paper and mic, Kevlaar 7.

2014 I lost family. And this list is lost too for those just seeking beat crack they didn’t pipe or athletic verses to replay. I am a veteran in these years only writing about family in the Arts and so many of these talents and sages of song are my brothers and sisters. You think you didn’t hear a record enough? I wonder if my words honor my elders that I was referred to on the roads wax and book led me through. You think you missed a record? I miss my brother.  The world he was changing for the better, the scores of sanity out of insanity he composed, harder than the hardest muthafuckas can get. What you missed below is what you create from it.  And I just miss my brother Kevlaar 7. Love you Almighty. You will be Remembered In Perfection.



There isn’t a Hip Hop renaissance man as complete as Sunset Park, Brooklyn’s Arewhy.  From art design, video direction, beat making, running a self-made studio, MCing with sincere heart and extreme ruggedness and leading a movement, the Brotherhood 603.  Like the best mixtapes, this would be a worthy LP any day. Instead it’s free.  That’s brotherly love…


These Medina brothers can MC and they introduce their grit strongly here

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Led by one of the greatest MCs to emerge in this music, Napoleon Da Legend, the Dysfunkshunal Familee, founded by DJ Bazarro, there is intensity and focus in this prelude to the group’s album and Napoleon’s sophomore LP coming soon.


A combination of new and old, Agallah is more than under appreciated.

Do the knowledge to the #ArtOnArt review HERE


Chris Rivers has already proven he has legendary tools as his late father, BIG PUN.  After this, he is ready to share LPs that can be as endearing as his father’s work.





5. IRON BRAYDZ – Verbal sWARdz

Out of UK’s Triple Darkness Crew, the largest, most concentrated group of lyricists in the world, Braydz’ work is their most purest battle formed bars.  A very wild audio chaos, with treble heavy musical backdrops and thump to thump breaks, Braydz has the anger and focused lyric lashing that is today’s reality globally that the pop rap world suppresses.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE


Godz Chyld, the spiritual MC that seeks enlightenment, pensively thinks beyond himself and offers a holistic viewpoint to his social commentaries.  All with great enunciation, word emphasis and a successfully epic score by Jordan River Banks.  Do the knowledge to the #ArtOnArt review HERE


Arguing about hoes, the ones that can’t make you listen unless you watch them.  The minajs of mirages that work concrete hard on the posterior but the weak breaks fill the studio rear.  They bubble their chest but bar to bar rumbling’s a failed test.  But we argue the wack chick, detail their tricks and fondle our…Pause.  Listen to the most consistent and honorably elegant lady MC rhyming today, Rapsody.  A gorgeous Black woman. One who is stretching her vocal techniques on this EP with stuttered flows, layered wordplay, storytelling over select sounds that challenge as well as the the ideal 00’s Boom Bap she shines over.  There are many great MCs, male and female today, but Rapsody is one of the few who must be collected completely.

Knowledge and download the EP:


The performance duo of the era coming from the performance borough of the era, Queens.  Both gotta be study.  Get your edutainment on and see their success through all the punks…

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1. KA & PRESERVATION – 1200 B.C.

The brother from Brownsville, KA, has already made a catalog that is for the special moments.  The moments when it’s too dark and when darkness is needed.  For those that relate to the scars of illegality and all those that survived the oppression of concrete’s realities.  His vocals are left on the samples like an intimate instrument for us to understand things.  Just things.  The contemplation of choices, how the hell of survival causes a temporary wonder of thriving, where the Art becomes the entire contradiction of justification for pain, where the paper to the booth is the path to place insights born of torment.   1200 B.C. is the soundtrack for the thinker, student of wordplay and the

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The judgment of music is based on logic applied to like and dislike.  History itself, a true story of the behind the scenes, has a great impact.  It’s why Ras Kass’ brilliance on Blasphemy isn’t enough when Apollo Brown has a drastic sample familiarity this writer finds issue with along with drum sequences that are repeated so much they are expected from Brown and a reason for his appeal. Still, Ras Kass’ lyric depth and always challenging understanding will have the LP age far greater than I credit it with.  Records like Run the Jewels 2 are today’s most overrated as Killer Mike is a strong MC on funkdafied beats we laughed away as sloppy messes back in the 90’s.  Or JCole who may be the most underwhelming rapper that shines in a pop climate where there are no MCs.  These aren’t bad records but overrated and the Real is for the best, the realest and who gives a fuck about the records hipsters and crossover markets adore.


The like and dislike that challenge all lists means that the honorable mention are really just as worthy of invading these spots.  The overriding decisions to make the list are often titled towards the more profound themes, the deeper, more challenging content, the MCs’ performance (s) and the beatmaker’s originality and execution.

Weekend $’s Freddie Merkury LP (Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE)is the illest weird shit out and anything with Awon and/or Phoniks is pure tough drums and layered verses. Awon’s soul’d effort Matte Black Soul is a short stroll of illness while Awon & Dephlow’s Dephacation is steady breakin.  Constant Flow’s Ascension has a Loud Bap sound of the 00’s but under all the treble is a MC of passion and content that can make supreme works.  Chuck D is a GOAT candidate of influential authority and The Black in Man does not push the envelope musically as the Public Enemy works but lyrically concentrates the latest builds of importance.  Domingo collected great MCs, some that aren’t so good and some more that are worthy and made a fun, lengthy collection with Same Game, New Rules.  He is one of the beat greats whose history is only revealed on the dirtiest of records.  Reks’ Eyes Watching God continues his lyrical themes getting stronger matching his vocal athletics but the Hazardis Soundz are respectable but not dangerous enough. Queens is the dominant force in NYC and Royal Flush is a leader in that resurgence with Grand Capo, a street record filled with verbal punishments and matching beds.  Skanks’ The Shinigami Flowfessional and Shabaam Sahdeeq’s Keepers of the Lost Arts is the ideal Boom Bap NYC records and again speak to the quality of the year.

Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild’s Silk Pyramids is filled with battle bars and tough thudding breaks for his best LP yet.  Prince Po & Oh No’s Animal Serum is Po’s best LP and often captures the energy and verbal dexterity his Organized Konfusion work regularly displayed.  Oh No’s crate work is the key behind this focused elevation.  Skyzoo & Torae as Barrel Brothers’ is an LP team that works for techniques if not theme exploration.  As Skyzoo is the epitome of today’s Brooklyn fresh fitteds and clean Jordans slick stylings while Sunblaze is the archetype Brooklyn mic brawler with his Dirty Rican LP repping outta Gunset Park (Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE)


Survive Life and Examine Every Perspective and tell it vividly through flows smooth like Sinatra.  An MC that injects pensive thoughts and introspection into tales and perspective into trials all in a monotone fluidity where verses have little pause space and continuity is thus exceptional.  A rugged, ideal MC, literally in the underground, these gutter albums, with off eqs when track to track compares, is making incredible basement music we’ll be honored to show off years to come.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE

19. NehruvianDOOM

Bishop Nehru is still nowhere near a peak but his precociousness is apparent and peaks on many songs. Nevertheless, all the songs work with the package that Doom provides, his classic Boom Bap with esoteric vocal samples and clever crate chops.  Doom’s three verses also reinforce he still is the legend he made himself to be in the 00’s.

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More than bammas that bar, The Green Seed is a complete group of MCs, DJs and producers that have in place the beginnings of a music machine that can make incredible works.  This LP is only a beginning…

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A renaissance man in the most radical ways there is sincerity in all his ambitions and he shares the path to his revolutionary intentions with this biographical banger.

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More than any other year, 2014 saw MCs seek one great producer to allow them to extract, navigate and deliver with focus their thoughts without any constrictions.  With the bedrock of Phoniks modal jazz tones over pounding drum work, Anti-Lilly contemplates his world with intensity, verbal dexterity and a firm visuals of his Houston rooted life.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE


Black Thought. A GOAT.  A legend who continues to only share the verse duties on his group’s LPs.  Only five appearances yet they are so concentrated in supremacy the lack of quantity becomes irrelevant with an LP that has respectable MC counters and excellently made music.  Black Thought’s timing, pacing, inflections, word choices and lines of wonder that cause such are all in form.  Musically, the bluesy, folk elements are arranged crisply and expertly.  If Black Thought rhymed here solely and exclusively, this would be one of the decade’s absolutely indispensable records.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE


One Take, one of this era’s great beatmakers, noted PRhyme as a perfected record of musical execution.  Absolutely correct.  DJ Premier, knowing he only samples Adrian Younge’s ill catalog though small, achieves one of his most progressive works amidst the challenging obstacles.  MC wise, no MC can replace Guru. Not Blaq Poet nor Bumpy Knuckles nor Royce.  However, after Bumpy’s diverse insight and controversial ruggedness, there is a massive letdown in content structure with Royce.  Royce has no technical flaws.  His timing is always right, his syllable structures are so exact he plays with bars from overfilling them to cliffhanging thoughts into the next line.  He also is profuse with varied tempos and speeds.  His skill level was the one advantage of ease Premo had in producing the album. However, Royce’s content often ends with the summation that bitches ain’t shit, that’s why I don’t trust them so eat a dick and I’ll fuck you up if I have to…bitch.  As a harsh commentary on a brother, this same limited content and actually more limitations technically if one really listens, eminem ends up being the incorrect GOAT choice for the populace.  Now it isn’t that a brother can’t bomb bitches on wax; rather, it’s that it’s a scapegoat finale to far too many verses.  It leads the rest of the possible valid commentary and content as awkward and often, for too many MCs, never even addressed.

Now, unfortunately, for Royce’s technical skill level, one who can say anything in the illest way will choose not to.  However, he will not look at his alliances in a broader context as a first tough exercise.  Why do that?  Because the Art the MC is in is the sharing of words and those words at their best are always those that mean something to the downtrodden Black/Brown youth of its co-creators.  Instead, he defends em against Lord Jamar’s vivid comments which leave no confidence that he gets the depth of the situation.

Now as a side build, I met em back in ‘98 and he was respectfully quiet and submissive in purported humility.  However, his impact, came during and further set off a whole wave of whites that were coming in NYC during late 90s to early 00s, to do, make, advocate and represent Hip Hop putting their money in and co-opting the standards of judgment that were grossly incomplete of the culture that they were not there to make. The eminem of that time is perfect product of it all just as NYC’s Fat Beats store was the ideal place to reveal that. All as it misses crucial culture that the majority of whites would never know. Like the Lo Lifes and their greatest MC Thirstin Howl the 3rd. For this writer, it is only after making a song with Thirstin that em started having the charismatic turn on his records.  Even if one were to disagree that he bit–though Howl subtly implies a connection (“eminem took this rap shit without no warning/wasn’t mad when he didn’t come back for me”) –the music gets em to be heard whereas the more broad topics and subject matter, the important BK NYC history, the Nuyorican/Puerto Rican culture, the vibrant comedy, the street culture, the love of one’s mother etc., is all Thirstin but never popped off the way he has always deserved.  Also, the 8 mile where em grew up is hardly the mile that had the great music and stories of the real Detroit Hip Hop needs. So we get em, with an above average skill, exaggerated as GOAT, though he fails over other GOAT candidates on every category (i.e. KRS-One, Rakim, NaS, Ghostface Killah, Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, Black Thought, BIG PUN, Tupac, GZA,  Chuck D, LL Cool J, etc.).  That this is all a horrible opportunity cost—one that completely allows the dilution of the music. That’s why when Lord Jamar said the Soul isn’t there but the mechanics of its execution are, it speaks of a reality of much of the ‘00s underground and leads to the cliché formulas of supposed boom bap, proper subject matter or allowable taboos of what’s real vs gangsta, a politically correct ethos infecting the content as a front to just not offend the vast white market that buys pop and now underground Hip Hop. A politically correct ethos that lets in gay rappers that achieve no skill and really do go against the peak goal of Hip Hop lyricism (the expression to actualized salvation of our people) while Black and Brown are continually effeminized. Or everything supposedly gangsta is exaggerated or exiled so the real grit stories are left out. The effects are something where em is an overrated pawn of white hype to the detriment of the culture that is supposed to be told in the music.  So aside from just being a corny, conflicted, silly, angst ridden issues not oppressed bearing hells pop rapper who sounds like an auctioneer for a junkie seminar, he is disrespectfully even considered to be GOAT.


#GoatDeini is an MC you collect, that you must know of every verse.  Aside from more GOATs (G Rap, Monch) and greats (AZ) appearing, the record is just successfully mining a model Ghost achieved last year.  Still, all Ghost albums are essential.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE


And just as J-Live builds on “Not Listening,” that something was wrong.  All the tools, in the pocket, ill voice, techniques but they aint saying shit.  Justice been.  Around the Sun is the glory of consistent excellence. J-Live is such a master of wordplay, the type you sit and listen to while the sharp snares and clean thick basslines persist.  A master of the listening music this Hip Hop has become, J-Live’s work this decade has been as powerful as the last.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE

11. Wu-Tang Clan – A BETTER TOMORROW

RZA said, “They gotta sabotage it.”  And no one fails a record better—better than an exec, A&R or a punk critic—than the artist themselves.  Merged with the low standards listeners have for everyone else but the Wu-Tang which consists of past recreation.  Veterans that created a cult of Hip Hop integrity, daring and progressive thinking have often argued against RZA from continuing to do just that.  A Better Tomorrow may have been an immaculate guide to an incredible pure RZA album (i.e. The Cure) but RZA is also the Hip Hop composer so using the greatest collective of MC instruments is too enticing.  And the past needing recreation hasn’t been just yet.  The Wu MCs from Ghost to Rae speak as if they must be, ought to, should be getting over their differences but we often hear or just imagine them there in the lyric the inferences of dissent.  From the financial to the separated spiritual Wu works one can here some of their strongest raes of knowledge withered and their supremacy turns toward ghosts.  From the supremacy atop Arief that make their thesis simply ‘U God,’ as they are, the ABT record is absolutely the best record of unfulfilled potential of the year.  Still, RZA forces, forms, fits and fights ideas into the MCs, mixes in some compromising hooks into his more daring concepts and has made a progressive, near avante garde record most will never appreciate.  Led by the incredible performances from Masta Killa, every song has at least two great points to every flaw.  In a year where albums are more flawless than perfect, consistently strong than sliced with legendary peaks, the RZA’s Wu-Tang Clan concept LP, A Better Tomorrow will be a lost record few as this writer have appreciated. The world doesn’t need a Wu record with bars unalike in mind but could now really use a RZA solo album, where these great ideas will have a loving home.

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Willie the Kid has the wordplay, contrasting smooth grit tone and effortless pacing to make the mere daily hustle sound extravagant and the minute by minute trials be the greatest wars fought.  He is truly an MC making entertainment out of his ideas to be studied beyond the assumptions.  Beyond the lusted loftiness and lavish luxury all the young pop rappers pretty hiccup into Willie can reveal the pitfalls as well as visual the banquets of fame.  All this while he’s the toughest muthafucka out when Bronze laces his the winds his words sweep through with the most perfected soulful Boom Bap there is.

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This is dirty progressiveness.  Brothers that sample shit no one else is and capture the grimy in a new way.  Most records try to do it.  They’re called Boom Bap records today.  Jus-P, a choppy MC that captures the gritty basement sound with themes, stories, battle verses and breaks that are filled with the samples of odd delight.  Aided by the next great musician (MC/producer), G.S. Advance, this is a jewel few will catch.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE


Violence and savagery and all the justifications for its continuance all smoothed into our scalps with a marvelous pomade of once uncaverned crates.  This isn’t the brilliance of the British empire ravaging Africa and profligating it in Jacobethan styled castles in Hampshire.  No.  It’s the Blackest of MCs using every weapon available on the mic relaying the wins of the coldest of hearts for the warmest of lives.  Through the Blackest way of doing music, studying the covered past, the truth in every crate and exposing them with utter freedom, Madlb funk beats behind the streets Gibbs bars and bars and bars through.  The content feels limited but the freedom in the techs from both is extra ordinary. Quite capital, indeed.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE


The MC’s MC of the 10’s, Starvin B is the most consistent qualitative MC of this era.  There is literally no flaw in his flows, knows any and all tempos and the more you listen past the punchlines, the dynamic word choices and the verbal and vocal dexterity are insights from a brother still learning as he vocalizes to us.  Focused even further with this era’s most classical Boom Bap beatmaker in NYC, One-Take, this is another of the great MC/producer LPs of the year.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE


When Babylon become too heavy for de yute and dem need explanations on the hellfire soon come, the platter plays Mega Philosophy.  This is the clearest manifesto of the era from an MC the real listeners expected and the mere banger beaters and head nodders are surprised at.  Large Professor literally focuses on giving a clean, bright and sharply snared palate for Mega to rhyme through.  An overt message can only come from Men Charged with such a resume of perdition persevered through and integrity attained and instilled.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE


Hex One is going to MC as soon as BBZ Darney drops the break.  With a musical preface to crescendo illness, there won’t be a stop, words will flow like “Talks fast with his jaw spastic, draws asterisks on mental walls/Small fragments, it’s all graphic, the short whore the tall half wit/Stark accents, court orders, frauds acting, he starts laughing/This shit isn’t really surprising to watch his body dematerializing/See he’s realizing to leave the environment that keeps him/He must seek the assignment’s completion…” or “Less than achievers/ when we should be professional dreamers/And our own schools teach us how to be clones with no tools…” or “So this song is you a work of art personified/Using an honest hue the bond we drew/Could last a life time I use my right mind when I write mine/So ain’t no telling the path you might find you journey with me/But we could see what kind of world it could be/So we’re either immature drones or just grown fools…”

Lyrics with no pauses, little inflections, no chopped paces. Just lyrics, ideas of a young Brown brother, an Original man originally thinking.  And BBZ’s simplicity is all over the breaks being expected and properly done but his musical tracks collected through the drums complete the introspection of one of this decade’s greatest lyricists.

Knowledge the #ArtOnArt review HERE


The Blues is an expressive style in the hue of the melanated Soul.  The rare pen flows with it and sadly it fuels itself with life events of the same hue, Blues for Blacks.  Black music with Blues hues and there it goes again. And this Black brother is now in the cipher penning the Blues of glory glory admiration hues as my Blues is black but now my being Black is blue when my brother’s brother has his time due.

This is the end of a first era for this legend.  With the returning to the essence of our brother Kevlaar 7, the greatest lyrical poets united in this century are no longer together.  I have spent a portion of my words, making them #ArtOnArt merely so that the Art that inspired my Art would be an Art better sold, more so told and keep families of honor from any premature fold.  Thought For Food, merely a collection and of the 3 this is the strongest, designed as an album collection and little is better.  We know I will tell it but will you see it?  Works I will Remember In Perfection for Kevlaar 7…

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The Hieroglyphics brotherhood is one of the great positivities in Hip Hop.  At the core is the greatest four man crew in recorded Hip Hop history.  Yes, there are other four man MC crews but none with the catalog and after 93 Til’s genius there needed to be more than just strong LPs (Montezuma’s Revenge) and quality albums (Focus).  Adrian Younge actually simplifies the difficulty for the listener to follow lyricism by making a long told story that gets understood with a mere few good listens.  For more than one MC it becomes a difficult task to make it unique and exciting on countless repeat listens.  Souls have such synergy and are such a rarity due to the high level of difficulty they achieve it while offering it with builds and metaphysical commentary beginning with the LP title.  Younge has a set sound of pure addiction – a secret Marley Marl emphasizes as I will say the righteous repetition of right rhythms — that actually excels farther here as there are more stark changes in story and character development than the excellent Twelve Reasons to Die. 

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Depression, mental sickness, the mind’s depravation are the themes in this year’s LPs, this year’s realities and Pharoahe Monch directly attacks its major category, PTSD.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a nigga’s life amplified by the chemical remedies that hardly remedy but medicinally alter to adverse effects.  Another GOAT candidate on this list, Monch’s catalog is becoming filled with the technicalities of MC greatness amidst the new territories of art project billboards his solo LPs have become.   Veterans must experiment and none are more successful at preserving their live routines supreme (Proofs HERE) while sharing progressive themes, thought provoking ideas and continuing to challenge the verbal dexterity an MC can display.

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“I’m immune to the ghetto/gotta move from the ghetto/you shouldn’t have to choose jewels or the medal/food or a rello/be rude or say hello/new world order’s approaching/be careful…” –  Phillie – “Dawn”

Down Kevlaar 7 mile across Joy Road and through the number streets are the downtrodden yet upper tier Hip Hop representatives out of the epitome of hell. Today, as it often continues to be, Hell is Detroit. Last year we were welcomed to the Detroit Zoo [Inter-review HERE] by Hip Hop’s soulman, Phillie [first interview HERE]. An MC of exceptional style, a substance of pure heart and a narrative that stories all the attacks that seek to decay it. After Bronze Nazareth produced that intimate introduction that is another lost classic in the Black Day In July catalog, Phillie sequels the saga with an MC ensemble orchestrated by Lord Jessiah the next great producer conducting in an immediate prime. This is warrior music for brothers with reloading moments in the barracks of block corners or the pensive pauses in creative laboratories. Lyrically, Phillie concentrates on the concrete infantry walks and the limited stressed R&R that the oppressed Detroit blocks provide. His ensemble is long yet from the classic verses from the late great Kevlaar 7 to the dynamic turns of Rome or Most High the bars capture a sincerity of hell that is often just empathize with by even the best MCs. Musically, Jessiah’s basslines contain stories in their structure with a construction of musical samples chopped and layered symphonically filling verses with hooks and footnotes of emphasis.

So much hell, so much greatness lost, so much suffering but there is music for warriors, supreme beings working supremacy out of the hells they are in. I cannot find the better, more honorable, more vital reasoning that this Hip Hop music exists. Crimeline Chronicles was 2014’s amulet my people wore around their ears as it is a totem of the #WisemenForever family.

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