SUNSET STYLE: The Next Element of Hip Hop By SUNEZ

“Picture perfect/I paint a perfect picture…”


Allah’s Alliteration Alleviates…

As afterparties alter Art’s activations

 #ArtOnArt achieves attempts at amends.

Action alchemizing abyss as ascribed awareness.


All hail the pen of the Art’s Avatar…


But blatantly benign…

Blocked brown bougie boys

Bridled by blessed building books

Backs backward

belittling blessedness bestowed…

    See cheaters copy King’s crust.

Craft crap constructed by crumbled clutches

Clutzs on crutches climbing clever canned capers.

Caps of content caressing crunk?

Chuito canta campesinos

Sunez crash con Crump kicks

killing captured copycunts.


All hail the pen of the Art’s Avatar…


Diction derived deviously defeats, demeans, dishonors.

Derelictions of devastations demand dynamic daily disciplines.

Diminish dolled dillies dooming Dons to dimuendo

Dispelling differential association difficultly dressed

Doobies, doodads and doorags discarded disgracefully

Desde hoy, a doctorate document dominates

Dignity distills a diagram of dopeness


All hail the pen of the Art’s Avatar…



pic by LUNA LUZ

Editions of the Education Element

Effervescence of excellence evokes elevation

As embryos eavesdrop on elders’ early enlightenment

Examples of easel expression exemplify ecumenically

Equality for the erred of exemplary emblem .

Exterminate them egregious with

Executions of excellently enjoined Hip Hop erudition


All hail the pen of the Art’s Avatar…

Father forums a fine freedom

Financiers finagle fruitlessly

Fortitude funds farther

Far from frivolous

Finishing with the fervor of

feverishly fertilizing a flaming fem

under fly festoons of fun fall festivals.

Fight to find. Fight to filter the Real


Pharoahe’s free fecals for all…


The God gifted. 

Get got.

Grapple greatness.

Gun the gussy grafted.

Go grind gutsy my guerillas…


All hail the pen of the Art’s Avatar…