The great Creator is a scientist. Experimenting with high explosives all in his own Creation, this Universe. Yet it is all heralded as a mystery even when all successes seed from only mathematical means. So the answers are the elusive to be obsessed over from somewhere somehow, someway, any day please? That the answer will complete a prayer, that the answer will fulfill a wish, that the answer will make a world good that one has perceived and judged bad. Yet the true Creator lives at the borders of equality and build, balanced in the worth of the question and the possibility of the answer’s building something new and destroying what once was.  This supreme scientist isn’t self-made by explaining answers well enough but is in constant elevation by the pursuit of wonder in the next question.

 And so, it is the gem of a question that enlightens, the one that challenges what was, attacks what is assumed and offers what can be.  It is this Creator’s imagination that blends knowledge with possibilities all against convention, named innovation, which makes the MC the most relevant musical sensation.  And when the Creator of such a cipher is obsessed with constantly amplifying his techniques to spitting creation with fury, works like Godly Features are born. 

Spit Gemz already has released his life artistically (Welcome to Hellzgate), his thoughts furiously (Fvck The Radio) and his insights profoundly (End the TV) all extensively on LPs.  Merging all these three angles expertly, Godly Features becomes an extra ordinary athletic decathlon where Gemz dives into the most difficult mic methods, challenges himself with his beat selection and draws out incredible guest verses.

As an MC, Spit Gemz reps every verse until physical failure and the muscle mass on each song are gains to the listener.  It begins with the mechanical elevations where an MC with such an intense, near roar vocal tone can achieve such tempo fluidity.  A tempo fluidity where his pacing adjusts to the track’s tempo constantly but never loses the ignited charge.  The brother still rhymes like he jumped through the studio window and is hijacking Drake’s studio session.  But now his dives keep surprising.  Examples of this diverse display of intensity in catapulting off wack rapper’s heads is Junior Makhno’s “Al SwearenGemz” with its cut, 1, 2, chop phrases that pile up to the cryptic, descriptive tale that cuts into the bassline on “Bring Forth Spirits” or the resume battle clips he fires on Tony Tune’s “Blizzard’s Invite” with the most minimal of breath spaces.

Lyrically, Gemz’ battle rhymes have a dynamic storytelling pace as on “Champion Gear,” starting, “I’m a creature of the nightfall/the right cross from the number one contender, the night of your title loss/the feature you been writing for/the mic chord/plug me in/let me recite for y’all/I’m quite raw/I traveled from the villages of Kemit/I’m a chemist/I entered New York City and offered you a blessing/what direction/you run in is your perception/there’s a message/but the method is eat what you can ingest, kid/you building with babies/I can fuck with you…” and epitomizes the cleverness, one that engages the listener in different battle perspectives and constantly uses creative imagery to whirl us into understanding that gets embedded every rewind. As on “Medicaid Benefits” that turns from athletics to his Broken Home Crew proclamation, “…Whatever for that bred bad fool/that bread bag pool/ like a red rag through a bull/blue ice/barrels of sharp shards on the mother ship/bank of glass from the arch for the flood of it/plenty pairs, staff on deck let’s get to huddling/bars like that need a classes where you could study them/flow too complex/foes no contest/raise the standard of your content/what’s the conflict/I embody excellence/my handle is a testament/Broken Home is everything/but we ain’t selling membership/dismember this member in your mother’s pestilence…” Gemz literally writes passages that are difficult to orate let alone rap.

The wordplay, double entendres and internal rhyming displayed to deliver is exceptional.  And the intensity never wavers by tempo.  “Common Knowledge” with its carefully punctuated guitar licks keep Spit Gemz conversational and the carefree freedom an MC can have with battling, dropping a jewel, shouting out the ol’ Earth and straight talk all turning into the prized personal verses that make Hip Hop so… real.  Simply the Art just living.

If we were to categorize one of Gemz’ major themes it is the matrix awareness seminars he has always taken us through.  On Godly Features, “The Happening” clearly demands a recovery of the lost way that is the only right way to MC (“Whatever happened to the passion and the penmanship?/Whatever happened to rapping about shit that’s relevant? Whatever happens don’t exist/I know the measurements/you teach your babies to cheat then what you selling them?”), while with the incredible “Electric Food” he smooth flows, extends bars with the occasional breath reload using exceptional word choices to share a poignant understanding.  Preachiness is destroyed constantly by such colorfully brilliant language.  And ultimately, Spit Gemz, a body building athlete and fighter/warrior, makes his work a personal soundtrack typified by the incredible conclusion, “Authorized.”  With JM Productions lending a simple piano loop and a distinctive, yelling snare slap, Gemz overpunctuates and muscularly inflects his greatest passions, letting loose his anger and aggression for a better reality and a desire to violently get it there.

Godly Features as Gemz’ vessel is clear but the features reveal his own energy and craftwork to get strong performances from every last MC.  We can easily dismiss the strength of the features by the quality of the names from Royal Flush to Tragedy Khadafi or to the synergy Spit has with them as Starvin B or Broken Home’s Eff Yoo or the “unknown” brothers that are at a supreme level as Broken Home’s G.S. Advance.  Yet there must be honored blame on Spit Gemz for inspiring G Rap to deliver a great social build on “Legacy” or request insights from Shabaam Sahdeeq when most only get battle bar features from him.  The highlighting of his people as Mitchell Aimss on the precisely right tracks and topics also works right.  Gemz never needed features if we judge his skills, content and talents however the features themselves are from the natural efforts of ciphering Hip Hop, not financial shrewdness.  Clearly they inspire him as much as he does them.

Beatwise, it begins in Gemz’ own Broken Home crew with Aye Wun and G.S. Advance who paint their aural soundscapes uniquely.  Aye Wun’s tracks as “Common Knowledge” with its aforementioned guitar licks or “Musical Monkey” with simple melody wrapped in snare and karate yell chaos make a hype hooked Boom Bap while G.S. on “Night Vipers” rocks a set bassed piano loop taken through a definitive thud 2-3 break to then have “Bazooka Pimp” drop an extended piano bassline key that paralyzes the track giving a liveness to the drums that stutter their way back in every time.  The LP is straight Boom Bap, the pure classic breaks that Gemz loves yet there is a strong selection process where the musical backdrops are all varied well.   There is Organik Poisons sonically pure crackling bassline that never leaves on “Bring Forth Spirits,” DJ Carpenter’s airy sample chimes through a thickened hand clap snare on “Electric Food,” the simple violent beauty of the piano loop and power snare on “Authorized by JM Productions and Kyo Itachi’s summoning horn and steady stepping bass thumps on “Medicaid Benefits.”  A diversity of beats filled with altering tempos, the right drums and a steady match of the many themes/concepts/topics they are set for.  This is also Spit Gemz’ best LP as a sound quality piece with great mixing and arrangements where every track responds to his punchlines, drop outs, inflections and wide ranging emotions.

The question—What if we can create this? This is where Godly Features is birthed from. A place no other Creator could create it from but Spit Gemz.  A phenomenal creation that offers many answers and gives us even greater questions for us to ponder on rewind…Peace to a true and living Creator…