It’s your first day of realness and what Polo will adorn your life? It’ll be at the commencement services to diploma you the disguise of destined decadence. How will you walk down the aisle with the proper defiance and the most gallant disrespect? Throw cap and gown, dap the clowns, who will get left only to trap in town? The mettle of men beyond the learning programmed and the yearnings mastered is who graduate into the scores of youth schooling in scars. Past the provinces of punks and the townships of fakes, the iron horses of song rap us up into the verseways of the Noble Scity. Ferrum, more short lessons of the mettle of Zagnif Nori. 

A sinister and controlled rasp voicing ever refreshing militancy, Zagnif Nori releases another EP, Ferrum, that reps the talented grit Noble Scity has to offer.  A crew from all over this stained hemisphere, Utica, NY’s Zagnif Nori is merely offering ill lo-fi analog reminders before the next LP.  2013’s The Meridian Gem LP debut  (#ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic Review HERE & feature interview HERE) offered an incredible thesis of rebel illness for music making with absolutely no father you see kings to the latest deterioration trends musically and every care and sincerity to the social and political awareness and understanding raising of our impoverished poor in urban mire.  The Grandeur EP was an impeccable add on of beat thud addiction and more of the socio-historic metaphors and battle visuals that backpack concrete soldiers.  With Ferrum, the reminders are there with highlights of concept songs an important note and skill sets actually amplifying.

Zagnif Nori & Crucial the Guillotine

Inspiration from his favorite MC of all time, Kool G Rap, powers the chorus of “The Road,” while he bios the construction of his sentiments and its art products.  Crucial the Guillotine extends a horn through an ill guitar riff and the pacing is perfect for Zagnif’s pronounced slow flow. A flow that escalates to rapid speeds never losing the monotone cool, even when his anger arises pointing out the hard work that gets download stole.  “Guava Nectar” is the righteous filthy as Zagnif LL Cool J’s his way through the ladies.  “Scity Highness,” his pacing stutters and pause breaks before handing off to Noble partners, Kaotny and Illy Vas.  A Crucial classic break with a bottom to top uprock, punctuated by subtle guitar licks that make the arms move violent to the lines and lines…”Verbal chemist/brutal war turns relentless/verses penned in the perfect sentence/the urban menace…you see the burst of vengeance….” for the “Penthrite” you see the entendre double cause the pen right.  The epitome of the purified originality is in Illy Vas’ very low lo-fi analog thumper, “Still Kings,” with the 80’s synth phrase that sounds through.  The crunch on the drums and the bassdrums that distort like the speakers that powered your first LP loves.  And Zagnif pacing is the key to this EP, a midnight walk careful to see in the dark and willing to let light spark, his delivery lets each line simmer and the empty space is another syllable to the matching silence on the next bar.

Education, dedication and natural talent all elevating supremely, Ferrum is a prelude of versatility, obsessive craft and needed purity.  That the avenues and streets of a Noble Scity could have the remedies of beats and rhymes intersect principles and integrity.  Where the corners and the storefronts hustle the realness like notebooks and samplers make it.  Zagnif Nori is just one of its iron clad generals I build with on these blocks.