All like soundclash writing in uniform.  Freeze fashion right when it clothed the real.  Right when the letter L and O mean more than low, oppressed and welfare profiled.  We were taught to fight for what we deserved but placed miles outside of the ring.  And certain Black and Brown brothers, there in Medina, held their afros high and their tostones tough and leaped from the MGV into the MGM.  The ring had new exports from Marcus Garvey Village and St. John’s and Utica, the Brooklyn gentrifiers talk like, the one we sufferahs remember with love, pain, honor and anguish.  Million Man Rushes to take the Ralph Lauren and clothe oneself mighty as we ought to be.   But the Polo worn by these Boricuas y Negroes mutates the seams and a new way of wear was customized.  Lo Lifes,  more than a pack of innovators but brawling boys, styled in war, and equipped with the principles of Love and Loyalty, now strike as entrepreneurial men of respect.

Led by the General, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, the Lo Life Brand officially releases  today with 88 (for the 1988 founding of the Lo Lifes) pieces to select ambassadors, some of whom I, your Skillastrator have written #ArtOnArt on and #ScienceOnMusic on and my PremiereHipHop.Com family have built on. Do the knowledge to it all and get some of that Lo Life Brand that continues to revolutionize Hip Hop culture, music and absolutely, fashion…




The ONLY #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic Review of Thirstin Howl the 3rd’s latest LP, Survival of the Skillest HERE

The definitive #ArtOnArt #ScienceOnMusic Interview Feature on the career of MC legend and Lo Life General, Thirstin Howl the 3rd as he prepares the release of his next LP, Survival of the Skillest HERE





The God Sadat X, of the legendary group Brand Nubian, is one of the Lo Life ambassadors who will receive the 9th of the original 88 first pieces of the Lo Life Brand.

The #LoLife Series will continue with an exclusive feature on Lifa Allah (Lifa Lo), one of the Lo Lifes who from the duality of boosting’s brotherly unity and criminal repercussions, found the knowledge of self and became a community leader, leading events for the RLPC.