SUNSET STYLE: The Next Element of Hip Hop By SUNEZ ALLAH 

Sling shots for rings, the rare refuse things
Watch the wrongs clot and force songs got
Wars disperse impurities in annuities
5 Percent build battle in rebel fluencies
SkillastratorLO filtered real, Ali Bomaye champion seal

Muhammad Ali’s words spoke with magnetic, didn’t he white man? You tell all who listen it wasn’t you who made his Olympic gold earn it’s fatal drowning. Or that the war against another indigenous Original people isn’t an imperialism that fattens your affirmative pre-actions. In the war of the United States of America, the most hypocritical battlefront of the last 6000 years, the warriors graduate. If their talent is abnormal–a medical condition of supremacy and sellability–they will suffer and succeed, push and tear envelopes, succeed and suffer as the most honorable remedy of rarity. These men are of the most oppressed, they are Black of one of the sixteen shades. It was Muhammad Ali, the anomaly that inspired us, that we must remember in perfection now.

To remember in perfection isn’t merely to wonderfully reminisce of the jungles rumbled, Charlie drafts denounced or that complacent Christianity crushed with an embraced name of titled righteousness, Muhammad Ali–the way all Black babies are named when parents aren’t assimilating but presenting supremacy to the world their infant will recreate. To remember in perfection is really to be A-Alike to your older brother. To float like an Iron Butterfly with new weaponry, to sting savagery with understanding like the bee goes to born. It is to be alike the last of the poor ricans, the remaining poverty stricken men of riches, a poor righteous teacher.
Remember them?

That when Ali is crowned the Greatest of All Time he graduates and the immediate diction of fiery, uncompromising civilization of demanded righteousness is no longer needed, it’s intensity no longer warranted.  We then can see an absorbed humanitarian, an honored freedom fighter on a larger but softer plane. Ali, completely we love, yet he too is assimilated into the fabric of hypocrisy that is the battlefield of the United States of America.
Like how Ali’s talents found him the good Jews in power, comfort, repute yet I, and my other warriors still know not of these crystals that billy but the hustlers that killy–pillage our communities from storefronts to apartment buildings. Our hearts are being gentrified by the respect of the few sincere whites who were changed and fueled by Ali yet I and I, we them warriors, with little fiscal fortitude in our gifts though many magical talents teach freedom on, justice now, equality, the proper position of our people, in the still ravaged concrete bunkers. Ali, we remember, as a force of Blackness, not as a rainbow of delight, that must not wither. It is that racism is the conniving core that all capitalism recruits from and we the every man-at-arm-leg-leg-arm-supreme head of lesser repute that was rung by Ali, chanted by Marley and given a flag by Allah, the Father, know that Ali’s battles are not yet won. The war Ali refused still wages today just as our minds of creation are raped and ridiculed simultaneously. Only geography and times have revolved, nothing’s revolted revolutionaries.

When you find it in your mourning to let Ali rest in peace, you have fallen asleep at the enemy’s altar of lullaby. Muhammad Ali must be Remembered In Perfection, a perfection so brilliant it learns from his life in every breath. It never stays perfect and finished but is a true and living rope-a-dope that builds as our cipher elevates deeper and deeper. Freedom, Justice and Equality are living things and they must be nourished, bathed and kept all our lives. In this living perfection, we know Ali is a model of supremacy not a handsome relic to bottle and package.
This poor, righteous teacher, sacrificing all wealth when necessary, as Ali, stands in salute. While still rather infamous as Ali once was and quite unbeknownst to so many, quite unlike Ali, I write with hearted ink, teach at the pitch of Albizu’s yell and move like a wily Brown Iron Butterfly, I will Remember In Perfection Muhammad Ali in each and every bob, weave and build I wield.

An addendum of understanding:
The 5% Nation of Gods and Earths still and certainly the Nation Of Islam Muslims of the era of Muhammad Ali’s greatest deeds, were the 5 Percenters. That is, they taught the liberating truth of what they knew to those who didn’t know (85%) and maintained and stood fast to their integrity and principle despite the looming punishment of the bloodsuckers of our people (10%). While the teacher of my teachers, Allah, the Father, was building with them as downtrodden youth in Harlem, NYC (Mecca), Muhammad Ali, in the greatest spotlight stood fast to principle, righteousness and integrity and sacrificed it all to share the greatest understanding. To teach is to sacrifice and he sacrificed to stand for a unity of Black and Brown, that even if he did not know of the Brown being killed by USA, for imperialist purposes, he would absolutely not. That he would use the forums he had to not only be an artist of charisma but also a highlighter of our plight. It will be the American absurdity when our favorite athletes and the mass media remember his sacrifice without acknowledging they and all of us are still with the same choices to refuse righteously. Choices of neo-imperialist war, endorsements that offer riches with continued stitches of stigma to the following young and platforms that can be either wasted for the assimilated answer or the insightful truth. The terror of the spotlight for the athlete is so much more fiendish and the altering of our honor is destroyed even better done today that we cannot expect another Ali. Instead we need the superior athletes to all live with the spirit, the forthright power of Ali, to find the elders of the 5%, those who teach and live the truth not merely those who have succeeded well in this Americana, and use their exalted forums to effect a greater cipher for the youth. Today, we only have superior athletes who gain respect for on field prowess and stay steady with their ratings of likability off the field. This has never been enough for our Black and Brown peoples so if the Arts & Sports are all the forums real everyday Black and Brown men of excellence have then we must build righteously through it. Just as Ali.