Auraport Visa

Wanted on no counts, desired on the humble mounts,

the real boost in the Polo Cipher is the Love in the Cipher.

A pernacious Polo swordsman,

posted pious,

papered as pompous

yet lettered as a linguist of the cunning structures.

Ready to wrangle past the rugged individualists

with the logo of original creativity,

the emblem of knowledge of self and

the seal of love and loyalty.

Counters count 1, 2, boom bap due, just some music to sell and things to do.

They say that, sadly so true.

So I verse us against the zealots for ends, means of games to thrones,

crowns that crowd in clouded clumps of feverish lust.

All in this Majestic Tragedy

where only clothed eyes in the exact garments detect

The Invisible Renaissance.

Where Khadafi always returns to the essence

because crescendos of new combat resurrect him.

To them warriors, the blood distills in fluffy forms,

that hit the outer surfaces of our melanized membranes,

melting ideas into lettered flakes of fury.

After battles, I often soil the logos, filthy the emblem and drench the seal

but never do they rust.

All in the matrix, still reporting.

The warfare is all written inside the books of my own element.

– SUNEZ [ #SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite ]




A true honor to build with a warrior writer inspiration, the God Tragedy Khadafi, on our Art as Writers, he the MC and I, the scribe, our spiritual understanding and his impeccable career through the last decade I named, The Dark Ages, and into this decade I named, The Invisible Renaissance (of which has inspired the name of Khadafi’s next LP’s title which I’m humbly honored to advocate). His latest collection, The Auraport, is out now…
– Sunez