The Next Element of Hip Hop By SUNEZ ALLAH #SkillastratorLO #PowerWrite

Earth Izayaa

IZAYAA times 10

Every time I touch her it’s the sexiest philosophy.  

To the east to find her,

strolled out of the café into the rest of our lives.

An astronomy book walking.

The Sun got a little moon and now making the Earth.


Izayaa sutras are in the beads that bake betterments,

batter foes and

bathe a hulking Sun.

Say her flesh has too much light to be whitened.

Still, too darkened,

so much that spaniardized country folk

miss her in the spaces.

But I gots me a chiseled heart

like it loves me some trouble. 

Carved by truths,

the blood of beliefs don’t be passin.

Clogged to clump cognition

the capillaries sizzled sight

on some kind of Fidelista with a figure. 


And I couldn’t keep the math hidden. 

EARTH IZAYAA & SUNEZ ALLAH, 10 years strong

Corralled her into my mind,

this gorgeous flower in a reef

surrounded by waters wise.  

Savior of the Universe Now showing and proving Equality of Zig Zag Zig…

pig bad dig,

my flag sing,

Linga-yoni-stars let us begin…


And I love her and only wonders are created.

A pause for my soul, I need to sing…

Izayaa times ten

years to every mile,

a smile peeks out often

in this life of plight,

fights and