By SUNEZ #SkillastratorLO The #PowerWrite

In the smallest arenas, the deepest of dives and the most remote of stages are where the greats are found. They find themselves and reacquaint themselves with the people here. The people that love the music, the young who want to create with the music and the ones that find, forum and funnel all the stories of the creators of the music. The great ones love being part of this cycle of creating creators and no show is too small, no performance unimportant and all audiences demand their intimacy.
Then one day you turn through songs like the highlights on your life’s pages. Verses that were a manifest you voted for. The grooves a rhythmic character that crafted your stride. They said it, you see it, they lived it, you’re in it. There is a cinema of drummed film and soon you will direct yours. The score of lyricfellows is already embedded in you.

Oh! But if the cipher we could see. Oh see! We’d see the same sun–a mosaic of Black and Brown issues that live under the massive temperature in the palms of pressure and the feet of stagnation thrust upon us. We’d see the same moon–the ever rotating ciphers in the craters, crates of precision patchwork filled with the lyric scriptures that levitate the laymen, to everyman then to the supreme man. Oh! You see that grammar?! O.C.!

O.C. is one of the rarities of the sound galaxy, a veteran rookie, a starchild born every 4 minutes under the groove with the freshness of flow through a chiseled cadence. Word is bond and bond is life, a timing was always in the pocket like the older God casually walking me through student enrollment. Knowledge Me for some of this, O, period, C, period, fulfilled precocious intentions to make a rhyme palette of diverse subjects and battle supremacy through stories, choice phrasing and a tone of perfect enunciation and cadence. Only Connoisseurs seem to really be the collectors of such jewelz and so the stellar DITC career continues with a free bon apetit, Same Moon Same Sun LP.
Same Moon Same Sun is an MC work of execution where all of O.C.’s gifts are exhibited abnormally flawless, the type of album that only pops when you undo it’s layers listening intently. It is the proofs that writers’ greatness is in the mileage of their pen. The aging of the Black man, oppressed into hypocrisy where talents are ridiculed by opportunity’s teases and the only format of music with complete prose, Hip Hop, is left with hashtag dance chants. Same Moon calmly offers the subtle rebuttal where the music isn’t a pathetic ever-after swimming in gold coins.

Same is a straight ahead prose where the natural sincerity of the orator is demanded. As “Serious,” he verses, “The paradigm done shifted/Keep in mind every single person around the globe is a witness…” and acknowledges the lower level of humanity existing, “Yo it’s not a myth not at all/We living out a real life Farscape/Yet many avoiding the topic of that conversation/Donald Trump, an abomination/hand of Satan/That’s why many get high and drunk/To escape the very truth the government is quick to debunk…” And even the livest motivators as “Sound Off,” his tempo remains in his expert lane, that slow, careful flow, smoothed to articulate his tone, explaining it ideally with, “It’s no format/I speak about everyday life, nothing’s mechanic/You feel it ‘cos my shit is organic…” That slowed intensity turns the LP into an audio journal of experiences and learnings told to us, a future reader O.C. cares for. Nothing epitomizes that more than “SAM” as he recounts that elder, ravaged by time’s collecting of oppression on him, still will get his respect of lended ear, “Treat the elders with respect when you come across/Never judge a book by the damage that you see on the cover/On the outside, ‘cos inside explains a mans outline/Relationship’s about ties/True bond not true lies/So me and old dude talk, one on one/He drop jewels while I listen…”
Musically, the grooves are as consistent as the Apollo Brown produced Trophies of 2012, yet diverse with the ever changing drum hits and bassline blankets draped. Half of the LP worked by Motif Alumni has him offer rolling congas and a high thick snare bang on “My City” to a distantly roaming bassline glooming like a distant light and chimes and cymbal crashes that let O.C. skate into the pocket on “Waste Not Want,” to a sparse drum tap along on the storytelling “SAM” to high treble 1,2 drum break and thick bass drum clash of “DNA” letting the bass spill on the verses. The other choices from the filled bassdrums of “Good Man” from Soultronik or the piano pounds, high hat back tap and 1,2 boomed track with sound effects of “Serious” from Gwop Sullivan all are as subtle and unassuming as O.C.’s verses seem on the surface.
The subtlety of records as this only can exist in a developed genre, and Hip Hop is aged enough to hear the wordcrafted and soundscaped verses of O.C., with little hook but crisp breaks that willingly admit the supremacy may go unheralded, “Destined for greatness/It’s all but facts, The one who surpasses/In this realm remains nameless/It’s alright, I’m cool…” All the while, O.C.’s depth for a conscious macro-exposure of our hells remains powerful with Extra P reference (“What the world’s coming to we can’t undo/From what I’m seeing is/The government is triggering a race war/Can’t be settled by a friendly game of baseball…”) and with incorruptible integrity (“…Live by merit if it’s worthy of the effort/If not, I’d rather die from thirst out in the desert/In real life certain things just can’t be prevented/So while I’m here I’ll serve my penance…” – “My City”). The climax of the LP is the finale where O.C. storytells of “Real Life’ where the last moments dealing with Big L, seeking to reinvent himself with Starchild and keep his illness relevant all collide with the failure to connect with L that one last time. Remembered In Perfection Big L.
Legacies are filled with losses and losses are filled with the love so all the hells are the works that set new scenes right, get more redeemed light. let new scores become a peoples’ might.  And all right, there are few records that are this effortlessly potent in the rhyme. Even all under the Same Moon Same Sun can build more love in a new day and destroy another vice through another night. Oh, we see…

Sunez Allah #SkillastratorLO of the LO LIFES


The organization of these principles around a counterculture, an expressive arts of creation that uplifts the ideas and thoughts of an oppressed people, is why I’m an honored builder amongst legends, knighted by heroes of Medina (Rakim Supreme Shabazz Allah/Rudy Lo, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Bonz Malone) to further create in my element as a Hip Hop Writer of #ArtOnArt & #ScienceOnMusic. So the world may find love that locks in with the action of loyalty though they may never find another writer with my kind of grammar…


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Peace, Sunez Allah

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