Drake & Common Finally Square Off, “They’re Seeing Each Other For The First Time”

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The war of words between Drake and Common may have recently ended, however, both hip-hop stars reportedly met face-to-face at last weekend’s Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.












Based on an account by The Roots’ Questlove and multiple reports, some type of confrontation took place between Common and Drizzy on Sunday (February 12).

Drake and Common’s beef made its way to the Grammy Awards, according to several reports. According to MediaTakeOut’s “reliable insider,” the feuding rappers got into a brief “fist fight” backstage after exchanging words. After, “plainclothes police” reportedly walked Common back to his seat. Publicist Robert Santini of PKM*BNC tweeted about the alleged event on Sunday night, writing, “@drake and @common had an altercation backstage & @liltunechi” — the handle of Lil Wayne, Drake’s label mate — “had to intervene. This is getting out of hand.” Hours earlier, Questlove tweeted an ambiguous remark on the two’s initial real-world meeting on Sunday. “Uh. Drizzy & Com are seeing each other for first time. No comment,” he wrote. (Billboard)

Further reports claim there were words exchanged, however, no body blows were thrown.

HipHopWired reported that that the pair “did get into a shouting match,” but not a scuffle. For his part, Drake tweeted twice on Sunday night: the phrase “Pop down,” followed by a reference to his tour. “Club Paradise starts on Tuesday…ASAP OVO TDE SFCB Mobbed out…that’s all I care about.” On Monday, Common tweeted, “Great time last night,” asking for footage of himself and Stevie Wonder, who joined him at a post-Grammy party. On the red carpet before the ceremony, Common told FUSE the beef was “kind of over now… we was able to move forward from it, and all is good.” The rappers have been taking shots at each other for the last several months in tracks such as Common’s “Sweet” and Rick Ross‘ “Stay Schemin’,” on which Drake accused his rival of beefing to sell records. (Billboard)

During Grammy weekend, Common officially announced their beef was over.

“It was all in the honor of hip-hop, it’s kind of over now. It’s over. So, you know, it was all in the honor of hip-hop,” Common told hip-hop personality Toure. “He said some things to me, so I had to say some things back. I wouldn’t say [he] started it, but I knew I heard something said that I felt like it was directed toward me so, you know, I addressed it. That’s all. But thank God we were able to move forward from it and all is good. We’re all emcees and no matter what your age, when you step in the ring — when you see basketball players playing, they don’t be like, ‘Well, this guy’s [small],’ and basically if you’re playing against me or you’re challenging me at some point, I’m an emcee, I like doing that, I like emceeing. I love it. That’s what I go for.” (FUSE)

Recently, New York rapper French Montana revealed Drizzy’s urge to get into a physical altercation with the rapper-turned-actor.

“I think it was over [Serena Williams] or something like that,” French said speaking on Drake and Common’s feud. “Shout-out to Serena Williams. I’m staying out of that. With them, you’ve gotta look at it like it’s hip-hop, it’s competition, it’s good for the music. I think Drake wants to fight. Yeah, I think Drake wants to fight. He said he can’t wait to run into him. Man, I’m gonna hit him. I’m gonna let him know [we don’t want him fighting]. Shout-out to Drake.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)