Mixtape Premiere: Action Bronson & Party Supplies “Blue Chips”

As a thank you to the fans who have supported him throughout his hip-hop journey, fast rising emceeAction Bronson has teamed up with artist, producer and fellow Queens resident Party Supplies for a full-length collaborative project, Blue Chips.

Blue Chips is presented by Complex and Reebok. All tracks were produced by Party Supplies and in addition to mic work from the always original Bronson, rhymes come from guest features Roc MarcianoMeyhem Lauren and Kool AD.

Included in the project is title track Blue Chips and video single Hookers at the Point.

Within the first minute of “Pouches Of Tuna,” it’s clear that Action Bronson and Party Supplies are on to something. Blue Chips started off as a session at the Fool’s Gold producer’s pad in Brooklyn, but things must have gone well, because it turned into these 16 gritty tracks. With no pressure to make a hit song or worry about sales numbers, the duo got to focus on having fun and making music, and it paid off. Blue Chips is more than your typical mixtape, and with all original production and raps, hopefully it’s not the last time these two team up.

Download HERE: http://www.djbooth.net/index/mixtapes/entry/action-bronson-blue-chips-mixtape


Mixtape Premiere: Action Bronson & Party Supplies "Blue Chips"