LIMS Records

LIMS Records

LIMS Records is a fast-growing independent record label located in Las Vegas, Nevada. LIMS was created to bring new and upcoming talent to the mainstream by providing them with a platform that recognizes their talents and makes it possible for people from around the country and indeed around the world to enjoy good music.

With young artists like Emee-kay, Dynomite and Mbajua looking for the opportunity to let the world know of their talents have found a home at LIMS Records. Each artist appeals to all kinds of music lovers from rap, hip-hop, soft rock, soul, R&B, country, etc. This wide array of music allows the LIMS musicians to reach and entertain different segments of music-loving populations worldwide. LIMS Records believe in spreading love and peace through music and entertainment.

LIMS Records vision of creating a family of artists who will grow with the label to become mega-stars around the world is coming to fruition after securing a label deal with LRT/INgrooves/Fontana, aligning with a network of distribution, promotion and publicity which will allow the LIMS family to enjoy a wide range of international media exposure.

LIMS is guided by a desire to make the dreams of their artists come true. Emee-kay whose real name is Mekenze MacArthur, the newest member to the LIMS family, was signed in February. Her motivation and inspiration comes from artists like Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Beyonce. When asked how she would describe herself Emee-kay says, “I am a focused, dedicated artist and I’m ready to show the world what I have.”

Emee-kay will be releasing four singles in the next two months –“Show Off”, “Serenity”, “Do You Know”, and “Pretender”. All their videos will world premiere on VEVO, the largest platform for music videos today.

Mbajua is LIMS Records founder and CEO, as well as an artist/entrepreneur like Jay-Z. Currently, he has a single on iTunes and he has done collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry.