Canibus gets clowned for choking at KOTD rap battle, “Just watched Canibus pull out a notepad” (Video)

Unless you slept through the past few days, chances are you heard about the once-mighty lyricist Canibus doing the unthinkable: Pulling out a professional writing pad during a freestyle battle.

The battle was a fail on so many levels: For one, ‘Bis showed up with stitches in his head and rockin’ a sling like he had just been beaten up the previous day. Next, there’s no reason a cat with THAT many years in the game should be battling at an event like that. But then to lose, and ask to recite the rhymes you intended to say, but couldn’t remember — that was just sad. Sad because, if you loved late 90s lyricists, you know Canibus was one of the best. Sad because he had a dude with an unbuttoned linen shirt andMiami Dolphins snapback standing behind him. Sad because dudes descent into madness seems to know no bounds, but saddest of all because although he lost the battle, he did more damage to himself that night than Dizaster did with his bars (a few of which were quite etherous, I may add).

Last Saturday night, the “Second Round K.O.” rapper and Dizaster battled in LA on pay-per-view and Twitter was abuzz when Canibus started rhyming off a notepad. We’re not even going to front like we really care about the rest of the battle (word is Dizaster handled his biz), but Can-I-Bus’s behavior broke at least 3,463 rap rules. Rhyming off a struggleberry is bad enough (not to mention that strange J. Cole beef), but a notepad?(Hip Hop Wired)

In my opinion, Bis started off pretty strong — round 1 had him spitting a few nice bars, but he lost his train of thought halfway through. By round 2, you could almost SEE his computer-like mind struggling to upload a new bar. By round 3, homey just gave up.

“[Dizaster can] spit, aight? I prepared for three weeks, every day to come here. I wrote so many fuckin’ rhymes, you can’t memorize all that shit. I’m not a good freestyler, I’m technical — always been that way. I didn’t come here to let ya’ll down, so this is what I’mma do… You win Diz, aight? But, I wanna still spit my shit,” Canibus explained, before a member of his entourage broke out his notepad. “You came here to listen to rhymes right? There’s 30 pages of rhymes in this motherfucker,” he screamed while holding the notepad in the air. “All I wanna do is spit my shit. The man wins. Let me spit my shit. Ya’ll paid ya bread.”(Baller Status)

You can’t take away what ‘Bis did in the late 90s with those DJ Clue mixtapes and his infamous battle with LL Cool J. This battle was like watching a dude lose a fist fight, pulling out a gun — then the gun jams. Dude’s mind was razor-sharp in its prime, but as the years pressed on, Canibus has time and time again proven himself to be one of the most self-defeating dudes in the game. Question of the day: Is this the final nail in the coffin for Bis, or will he emerge once again, only to do some more unexplainable shit?