O.C. & Apollo Brown – Trophies Review (By Gillie Gillz)

O.C. & Apollo Brown – Trophies Review (By Gillie Gillz)By Gillie Gillz

Ayoooo, due to my technical life difficulties and me debating whether to palm heal a chicken thru the window at Western Beef, Gillie still had a new joint in the stash that kept him cooler then Derek Jeter in a room full of Mariah Careys. Sometimes when shit gets crazy and you ready to go 7:30 until you’re 7:30ed on the evening news, a simple dope ensemble of hypnotic melodies of real Hip Hop can feel like great neck. You get stuck on stupid, zone out and forget why you was all fucked up in the first place. For some of us trying to navigate the pitfalls of hell world, zoning out on some good dope Hip Hop just might be the most right and exact thing to do for your well-being when somebody’s constantly in your face to make it their mission for you to be just as miserable as them.
Apollo freakin Brown, on the real, I came across this brotha on a Facebook post, posted by someone claiming to be the white god of Hip Hop—anyway…So about two weeks after that I was bumping Apollo’s album Brown Study with female vocalist Boog Brown. During this period also I was getting into The Left’s Gas Mask LP, also scored by AB.  These two albums scored by Mister Brown are definitely beat head nodders even if some of the rhymes on these albums bore you to drool out ya mouth. Also a part of my therapy process was drowning my bottle sorrow to slurred angry freestyle raps courtesy of yours truly to Mr. Brown’s instrumentals that I found highly addictive on You Tube.  My “Fuck my BM freestyle” should get an honorable mention lolz. This brotha from Detroit AKA Detronx–how I like to call it, is definitely gifted on the boards bringing his brand of classic new Hip Hop beats with a plethora of addictive samples that can put ya Hip Hop monster death to techno pophop in the sharp shooter having yo ass tap out.

If you never heard the name Omar Credle and you call yourself a Hip Hoppa you should call yourself Twan and two snaps up ya self out the culture and keep your swag on faggotry. Omar Credle AKA O.C. is a solid building block of Hip Hop culture. I mean who didn’t want to get their hands on his single “Times Up” and try to mimic him and put their own blend of rhymes to this classic Hip Hop track. His world play and straight forward style of bringing you tales of struggle and triumph in the hood should get a plaque in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame if they ever had one. Fast forward, say bout 17 years later and O is still pumping out good quality Hip Hop with countless albums and very successful singles during this time period. Oh, and let’s not forget he is a part of a lil’ rap group called Diggin In The Crates, who in their own right deserve a plaque in hall too.

Now when these two brothers got together they put a very well organized assortment of Hip Hop neck breaking tracks for this album called Trophies. This seventeen track of highly addictive beats and O.C. raw style of rapping had me in the zone I needed to be in. This album kept me sane in a time of utter madness and confusion. It helped me maintain a level of peace when I was ready to throw myself right into hell’s fire and do something I and my children might regret for a very long time. Whoever said Hip Hop don’t save or teach anything is an ignorant fuckhole who likes to see his own jibbs flapping in the wind of ignorant retards. Now back to Trophies: I’m gonna give it the best album of the first half of 2012. My favorite track on the album is “Just Walk.”  The beat is bananas and O.C. is reestablishing his position as a dope MC on this track giving you his trademark style of rap and realness. Another goodie is “We The People,” where O is giving you the straight realness of the sad mindstate the original peoples lost here in the wildness of North America are currently trapped in. “Prove Me Wrong” is also on the same wavelength as rapping about scenarios and the messed up crazy shit we do to ourselves here as lost ghetto savages. These two tracks also deal with the fake cosmetic bullshit real MCs go thru in this bullshit music industry where faggotry is cool and if you’re speaking the truth about it you’re a hater. If that is the case I am Supreme Shakeel hating you all with the passion of Christ himself lolz. The track “Caught Up” reminds me a little bit of “Black Girl Lost” done by Mister Nasir Jones but O flips it in his own unique style that only O can do.

O.C. & Apollo Brown – Trophies Review (By Gillie Gillz)

Apollo Brown and O.C.

Overall this album is a banger.  It kept me cool, calm, collected and gave me a sore neck with all da head nodding I was doing vibing to this album getting in my zone while evil lil’[ pigmy midgets where tryin’ to make the walls of the house Of Shakeel crumble. Never dat hoe.  I love Hip Hop more than you. Lmaooooo.  Peace.