THE PREMIERE VERSE by Sunez : SPIT GEMZ – “Enter The Void”

THE PREMIERE VERSE by Sunez : SPIT GEMZ - "Enter The Void"


















SPIT GEMZ, of The Opposition, is part of the new great history of Hip Hop. Repping from Queens (and coming from Brooklyn too), his Welcome to Hellzgate mixtape ( is really a powerful pre-debut album of incredible flows, supremely written verses and rugged boom bap.  The following Premiere verse is from Genghis Khan’s album The Broken Love.


Hard to harness like otoscopic projection
Get your astral plane hijacked, pineal gland infected
Firewall frozen and shattered virus detected
click here to join now, media mass deception
photoshop history, crop out the proof
you can’t google the truth
but you could youtube the spoof
you could download the loop
pop bottles in the booth
and do your best to make the impression that you the type to shoot
give a decorated confession how you plan to do it
where you stashed the burner at
and what color whip you was using
turn around, next bar and tell me jake will never prove it
I value feces more than I value your thesis
Your flow are cigar fillings
Your markers are dry erase
My words is all burners and hard feelings
My can leaks but it’s never empty
Lord willing I live to be what I was meant to be
Y’all finished
–Spit Gemz