It is the eve of the release of Kevlaar 7’s sophomore solo album, Sophisticated Movement (produced by Woodenchainz), due out September 11th.   An irony to be released on a date where fear, ignorance, imperialism, racism and confusion all collided eleven years ago.  That Kevlaar, of Detroit’s Wisemen, is an MC that has naturally, with sincerity, distinct wordplay and insight has made his works the shield of integrity to force the savages to heal, enforce his crew’s will and reinforce Hip Hop culture’s roots through these peaks of weakness suffered.

 His debut Die Ageless, released in May, is a versebook of stories, battle verses and poetic builds that expose the corruptness of our civilization and offer war plans towards righteousness.  All too epic for the beat and the rhyme and too intense for the ears of concrete zombies so they are the illest steps to ride too.  Before Sophisticated Movement focuses us again on new journeys in the daily Boom Bap Blues, the signature and summative track of Kevlaar’s debut, “Now,” deserves that slow burn read through…premierely…

Y’all gotta listen. Feel me…
Hear me now/my city’s a ghost town/pity that most drown/
surrounded by paper chasing/ debating/ with masons on different plantations/the blind can’t face it/ Hey young world/ flirtation with hatin’
got me thirsty for information/ clasp my palms for salvation/good morning, got the egg whites and turkey bacon/
waiting, wake up call, we pay the cost, we hurtin from inflation/
hit the train station/ illegal driver tired of waiting/
for reinstatement/making moves in quotations/
no patience making history/
I’m a descendant of masters raping slaves, see my diaspora/
to my unborn, euphoria until my cremation,
the square mileage of Earth got me salivating/
navigating on elevated thinking/ swing my fists there’s half a mil waiting for me… 
You heard? You see that? I know you see that. Gotta hear my vision.
Gotta see it now. I know you can feel it. Can’t be blind forever. Come to a realization
kevlaar 7 emblem
 See/me/ NOW/ ink from my pen bleeds/
Blink some, my pen falls asleep/ deep history
peep the Black sand ministry/modest man/
dealt an honest hand/ awaken my inner mystery
never lose wars since 50/50 endeavors was whose
the team’s with me/ swinging fists swiftly/Black oasis/
the basis was build dynasties/ get yours/Where’s the applause/
it ruins minds/ so inclined/ on hologram dreams/
was all in our mind pivotal/ Olajuwon put it all on the line/
seriously funny/ can’t hold disappearing money/
rapid eye movement, you sleeping dummy/
my unborn feel me/ the recipe/ is legendary/
architect how I built speech/ Percocet/pain’s intense, no opiates or poisons/
moistening my lungs/I’m here for the cause…
There’s a mil here for me. You see that. You see that. Can’t help but bear witness.
All I know is that I gotta do what I gotta do….
I know you feel that. Son you gotta feel this. It’s only natural.
You know. Yes. Yes. I know you feel me. My people, come walk with me.
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Kevlaar 7 of the Wisemen

Feel/ me/ NOW/
Nothing lasts forever/existence a bit better/
old settlers/ we compensated the debtors
Dolce Gabbana/ No more Timex/
It’s a war to be a legend/ bias proprietors/
can’t deny us/mansion ownership/ expanding/
always politicking/it’s like a cycle/
love then hate from the bible/ to the rifle/
from Cutty Supremes to driving beamer 45Li’s/
past the Eiffel dinner at Andiamo’s/
we know the Movado/ over evil, grand schemes/
command Kings to vacate/ and placate/ their honor/
But we survivors from Black bottom to the top of the mind
cuz we accomplish plans of Sudans and yachts, exotic amounts/
we open business accounts/no losses, just ain’t hit the Forbes yet/
eyes cut/every direction/ don’t wanna get Hoffa’d
Today begins forever hold the victory torches… 
–Kevlaar 7