5 songs free. From Undeniable’s Omnipotent and Sinnagi, 2 MCs that are some of the astute brothers you’ll ever meet.  They know their talents, are humble in their approach and they have a determination that isn’t ruthless but strong willed.  So it’s not much music? Not much time on the mic? But it needed all the time for at least 5 great things are undeniably shown.

Firstly there are exceptional flow and rhymes schemes that make this 20 minute EP a developed work.  There is the natural start Omnipotent glides through on the “Desert Eagle Intro.” I have mentioned the slow flow as an Art that greats from Sadat X, Buckshot and A.G. excel at.  I haven’t heard an Omnipotent verse where he didn’t punctuate his bars more than a few times beautifully on the snare.  Contrasting, Sinnagi flows on the track with a doubled up bop that reloads as the moment he verses “sin is living sucka free/save it for the affidavit/middle finger waving at the haters keep ‘em far from me/ain’t gotta cough up a fee/for the free publicity…”  Then on “Get it Right Pt. 2” Sinnagi flows without cuts but in one long dynamic monotone.  The subtle change in tempos is adhered to by them both as Omnipotent reveals the ability to up his tempo with subtlety on “Bullet” versus the more deliberate pace on “Love Her.”

Secondly, the aforementioned “Love Her” highlights their concepts that can be intentionally explored or thematically driven as on “Travel Safe” with Omnipotent’s general survey of our peoples’ state or the stand strong perserverance Sinnagi throws out on “Get it Right Pt. 2.”

Thirdly, these are two MCs that have great voices.  Omnipotent has one of the illest voices of determined aggression in always cool timed raspiness whereas Sinnagi counters with a higher pitch and conversational flow filled with reigniting inflection.

Fourth, their song structure is apparent here.  I have heard much of Undeniable over the years and they don’t make tracks with good parts.  They make songs that are become known as completely good.  Beatwise, some tracks stand out but honestly, “Bullet,” “Travel Safe,” or “Get It Right Pt 2” can’t just be handed instrumentals to anyone.  There is preparation in their work and shows much potential.

Fifth finger of this discount is their vision.  MCs take our time listening to them and they have nothing to share.  They don’t have ideas, insight or a real talent that they skillfully show and prove.  As the first of five EPs they are planning to release free in five week intervals, that planned determination and the jewels in their lyrics reveals a very positively undeniable conclusion of their vison.
Download the EP @ http://undeniablemusic.com/music.cfm