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The Hip Hop writer is a creator, composing understanding words of cultured brilliance powering a re-balance of  the elements equally.  Pages of rejuvenated reaffirmation, simply the Almighty leadership of insightful craft work that stands to build through any confrontation born to be… Yet his daily duty is as a journalist that questions properly, uses his ears for the good to filter the real.  And as the Art decays by dilution he concentrates the best again and again exposing it in the print.  Today’s journalist and tomorrow’s historian he listens to share.  Here is that necessary attempt executed again and again…


  • THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music NewsKillah Priest –The Psychic World of Walter Reed LP

“I write scrolls/took the clothes off my future/form a lyrical kama sutra within my medulla/extracted the negative like a juicer/attracted to Anet as a I seduced her/ now i’m staring naked at my thoughts exposing the body of my memories/ my mind genitals connected with space minerals and released mela-tivity/from male to female changing chemistry/inside that my visibility gave me the ability to be visually lyrically when I squeeze the pen…”

Lyricism. An MC can only be as lyrical as Priest.  It is virtually impossible to surpass him and a quiet 2012 from Priest only gave one a fraction of a millenium to absorb the 100 songs he released between 2009-20010 with the supreme LP Elizabeth along with the The Exorcist and The 3 Day Theory LPs and the I Killed the Devil Last Night and The Untold Story of Walter Reed original material mixtapes. Killah Priest has been the most prolific lyricist qualitatively and quantitatively since 2009.  It is expected to continue on February 25th…
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Monday, the 25th will see the release of Spit Gemz’ next original material work, Fvck The Radio.  An album that features his greatness (that if one listens closely still is rising) on the mic as one of the most diverse minds with immediate weapons of brutality, flow and vocal/lyrical dexterity.  Representing the Broken Home crew (Gemz w/Late Nite, Tek Bully & G.S. Advance), their debut is forthcoming while Fvck the Radio, filled with great guest MCs, sets up Gemz’ next solo LP, Galaxy Defender.


  • THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music NewsCOLONNA & BROTHERHOOD 603’s “C-4” video

Countdown ’til Napalm was one of the best albums of 2012 (KNOWELDGE: REAL OF 2012) and accompanying visuals for Sunset Park’s Brotherhood 603 are overdue, one of the hardest working crews that obsesses over the purity of their work and the strength of its presentation. COP THE LP HERE: COLONNA & BROTHERHOOD 603 – Countdown ‘Til Napalm



Medina from J-live to AZ is filled with a legacy of wordsmiths who dynamically use the bars as a canvass to blend letters with endless recombination and supreme flow.  Applying the progressive nature to his background beds embedding more jazz orchestration Bap to the Hip Hop Boom is the great result of Band Practice.  4 tracks free, fully free of frivolous frugality and filled finally with the fruition of fullness….















“Ticker Tape Parade”

“Floor Seats With The Young”

“Grew Up on Kool Aid”

“Phone Calls”


  • THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music NewsTHE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music NewsTHE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music NewsUndeniable – The 5 Finger Discount Volumes 1, 2, 3 of 5

My brothers Sinnagi and Omnipotent are in the midst of releasing 25 tracks in 5 volumes.  After the honor of analyzing the deft Volume 1 (KNOWLEDGE: UNDENIABLE – FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT, VOL. 1 Review), Volume 2 and 3 are becoming amazing exercises in versatility.  Many artists try different things to sound shitty in new ways whereas Undeniable use successfully different tracks that allow their Vol. 3 aka Love Ep (i.e. the beautiful bolero vocal and string samples for “Confrontation”) or Vol. 2 aka Big Beat Ep (i.e. the rugged classical stabs of “Truth Is”) to display the full range of content and charismatic appeal we should’ve been paying for a long time ago.  The finish of these five volumes will be one great album.

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  • THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music NewsNapoleon Da Legend  – “Wisemen” featuring Sean Price & “Shogun” from the upcoming debut LP, Awakening

Is there such a thing as great MCs, writers that pen via rhymed bookends, just walking around versing for food, given nothing and taking only the opportunities they take? Clearly not but Napoleon Da Legend rhymes with the audacity of dope.  He rhymes with a distinctly firm voice, incredible annunciation through some of the most intriguing insightful prose you will hear today.    The Awakening is a powerhouse album, one of the strongest thematic presentations to debut an MC can share.  “Wisemen” and “Shogun” are two of these jewels.

“Wisemen” feat. Sean PTHE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music News

THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music News“Shogun”

  • THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music NewsSean Price – “BBQ Sauce”

No MC, I wisdom build again and again, masters our gritty reality through one of the greatest purified mic techniques and vivid humor as Sean P. There is so much pandering in Hip Hop that the underground ciphers (every place that isn’t infected with the million dollar investment whores) are also led by MCs embracing niches and markets that seek not to offend.  But this Hip Hop is supposed to just be great and express ourselves fully and when P rhymes we’re in awe at his skill and laugh with all his punchlines, concepts, themes and presentations.  The catalog of song videos and skits P has put together are literally funnier than the last and “BBQ Sauce,” a classic track was supposed to be the funniest.  It is but white people, please don’t recite this chorus.  Nigga!…..P!


  • THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music NewsSa-Roc – “711 A.D.”

Today, it takes months to years for the great MCs of tomorrow to be appreciated because today can’t end when tonight is about today’s filth.  Sa-Roc has released tons of work (KNOWLEDGE: including her 2011 album, Ether Warz.  With books filled with knowledge, a dynamic womb of wisdom and verses filled with dexterously vocalized lyrical understanding, “711 A.D.” is a great choice and visual reflection off her Ether Warz LP.  The God Hop Movement is forging forward via the Queen Sa-Roc….

THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music News


  • THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music News Ghostface Killah – 12 Reasons to Die

The G.O.A.T. MC is best chosen via the pioneering foundation and classic material they possess.  With that Rakim and KRS-One are always the easiest choices.  If impact, storied diversity and thematic content are in there this writer would also add in 2Pac, an true MC who employed many techniques from alliteration, vocal dexterity and the most unique inflection ever heard.  Still, all of the aforementioned natural and developed skill sets are owned and wielded by Ghostface Killah again and again.  Through a catalog that is longer and becoming more unique than any of the legends, he continues with 12 Reasons To Die LP to be released April 16th, produced by Adrian Younge (the gritty and funky analog producer of the Black Dynamite Score) and executive produced by The RZA.  The first single serves as an introduction to this thematic LP of revenge against the DeLuca family as Tony Starks is resurrected as the Ghostface Killah…




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THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music News










J-Love – Pardon the Intrusion LP

THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music News











Cappadonna – Eyrth, Wynd & Fire 2LP

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Inspectah Deck w/7L & Esoteric – Czarface

THE FILTERED REAL - Jan/Feb 2013 Music News