Teraban – Operation: Bloody Valentine -The Lost Weapons Mixtape Review


Teraban – Operation: Bloody Valentine -The Lost Weapons Mixtape ReviewThe immediate root of the Wu-tang Empire that has made a cult following that is most rarest today is THE RZA.  Guiding the sharing of a knowledge of self as an empowerment of all through a perfected thematic sampling and the best collective of MCs ever, Hip Hop reaches a peak on wax.  Yet the strength of this peak’s broad diversity is  in the Wu family, the affiliates.  The Wu saga is grossly incomplete without, for example, the spiritual imagery Killah Priest and the ethical direction of Hell Razah.  Also, the necessary context of our reality as Black and Brown men in war against an oppressive world that KIllarmy scored. Only 3 albums with their 1997 debut, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, released months after the epic Wu-Tang Forever, is the lost classical musical composition of that era.

The years since Killarmy’s last solo album in 2001, it has been Dom Pachino to predominantly continue the scoring of this war.  Whether as a Wu affiliate or not, Dom Pachino, the Puerto Rican Terrorist has amassed a prolific catalog with strong material throughout.  Today, we reach the generation of Wu-affiliates that are brought in by the Wu’s nine generals (i.e. Trife from Ghostface Killah’s Theodore Unit) or via those knighted by them as in the current dominance of Detroit’s Bronze Nation as  Wu-Element Bronze Nazareth has continued to unleash the Wisemen’s brilliant works.  Dom Pachino does the same bringing Bugsy Da God, Chapelz and himself as Teraban.

Much more a free album, the quality of work here on Operation: Bloody Valentine  is exceptional.  Like KIllarmy, Teraban’s members have dynamic gifts from Bugsy’s powerful voice and flawless flow, Chapelz’ intensity and Pachino’s charismatic oft kilter flow that overcome the extreme focus of their content.  Content that is kept mainly in the battle cipher that serves as a nice introduction to their best traits.   The development of MCs is always a pleasure to listen to and Chapelz here comes to mind.  Here he has increased mic presence, sturdier vocalization and a clever braggadocio used to instill his unbreakable will and confidence through trials (“Verbal Pounding,” “Guillotine Friends”).   Bugsy da God was formerly introduced in 2011 with an incredibly produced debut, The Terrorist’s Advocate and they debut together with the mixtape, Operation: Bloody Valentine.  Pachino’s investment in Bugsy is clearly evident as a great choice.  Bugsy’s flow is extremely agile and he clearly has a developing content to sustain a fruitful solo career.  Here, his vocal contrast to Chapelz and Pachino make his entrances that much more the ill spectacle.

Teraban – Operation: Bloody Valentine -The Lost Weapons Mixtape Review

Beatwise, this is martial training music.  Tough horns and every snare breaks your neck regardless of its tempo.  The soul sampling is well done and the breakbeat selections are all way beyond mixtape level but LP quality in every respect.  There are many highlights from Otis Redding wail and trumpet blare on “Stay With Me” or melodically strings with feminine highs punctuating on “Teraban, Teraban,” or the distorting bassline and punctuating horn with baritone sigh on “Prime Minister.”

If Operation: Bloody Valentine was a debut LP for the group it would be a highlight LP of any of this decade’s years and a worthy addition to the Killarmy/Dom Pachino catalog.  As a free mixtape, it then must prelude a debut of incredible proportion.  We rugged realness delegates rejoice violently.

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