J- Love – Pardon the Intrusion LP Review


J- Love – Pardon the Intrusion LP ReviewJ-Love is a classical Hip Hop musician–a DJ, a Producer and an MC.  Emerging into fame through his mixtapes he reinvigorated collections with the best finds of the day in an 00’s decade of triumphant filth.  He regenerated and honored our favorite MCs (i.e. Rakim, G Rap, BIG PUN) with a catalog of their rarities that no one else had in their care to such depth.  He even gave us exclusives when he offered his own grimy productions for the illest MC greats (i.e. RZA, Large Professor, etc.).  Then his tapes became a forum for all these MCs we are heralding today.  From the promoting of Cormega in the said ways to introducing Meyhem Lauren and more and more great collabs with Large Professor the list is joyously lengthy.  J-Love is a friend to the ill MC.  While J has released countless MC mixtapes with original material, his 2010 Egotistical Maniac and last year’s Most Interesting Man Alive leading to Pardon are really where he is starting to make complete packages of original material.  Finally a friend to himself further developing and displaying his own MC abilities.

As an MC, J is ever developing.  He has massive bravado with rep in all corners of Hip Hop from the elements to the street corners through the industries above and below. His greatest attributes are his intensity and the sincerity in content.  His dexterity is limited lyrically but is increasing vocally in pacing flows and punctuation.  On this third album, Pardon the Intrusion, his template is securely in place and doesn’t deviate.  Tough breaks, chopped up crates, raw battle raps with heavy features of some of the best MCs we know of or need to know more of.  Last year’s LP was an effort filled with more personal details whereas this one is more of a period piece of the last few months-his best tracks out of the basement.  A simple concept that lets us indulge the crack addictive function his work serves.

As a DJ/Producer of many his feature albums are a welcome highlight but he has the talent and experience to rhyme introspectively and storied.  On future works, it may be the highlight as he powerfully displays his true worth in angry simplicity (i.e. title cut), confident menace (“Its Love”) or victorious resume (“Project Them Vocals”) throughout.   After three full decades of rap wax mixing and diluting it’s rare to hear Kingpin raps that have merit from a lieutenant in the fields.  The real talk point is that J-Love’s declarations of hardcore over soft shit are more and more vital the worse the cipher gets.  And for the listener, much more respected and appreciated.

The epitome of General Thirstin Howl’s call for a Lo Life flood, Boricua J-Love’s growing album catalog are immediate bursts of energy that stay on repeat with little wait for his next work.  His beatwork, like his legendary colleague Large Professor, is a mastery of the deep bass drum thuds, crisp snare work and melodically fluid sample work.  Over them he rhymes with a natural purity that is becoming a rarity.  If he hones his content to use his life more than just a battle declaration he can develop concepts and themes in song like the great MCs he has been the greatest friend to.

J- Love – Pardon the Intrusion LP Review