SUNSET STYLE: The Next Element of Hip Hop

SUN-EZ – “Closed Letter”

Word Bond. Why is this song so ill? On Jay-Z’ “Open Letter” this is what I hear:

SUN-EZ – “Closed Letter”

Word Bond. Why is this song so ill? On Jay-Z’ “Open Letter” this is what I hear:

I hear I’m gonna commercialize and sellout Cuba completely (more than it already is going post Fidel) in “I done turned Havana to Atlanta”
I heard I sold out and get higher rewards than you in “Boy from the hood but got White House clearance”

I hear initial self snitching or at least the asking for more probing into hislife to really get him hemmed up in “Politicians never did shit for me/Except lie to me, distort history/Wanna give me jail time and a fine/Fine, let me commit a real crime”

I hear bullshit love and a complete lie for his Brooklyn gentrification move that he absolutely would never be a part of without any money in “Would’ve brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free/Except I made millions off it, you fuckin dweeb”

I hear straight bullshit off his 1/15 of 1% share in the Nets in “I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seat” — season tickets maybe

I hear he needs to study his fuckn self with “This communist talk is so confusing” then “You’re an idiot, baby, you should become a student” later.

Yes, he notes the hypocrisy of capitalism when he says “When it’s from China, the very mic that I’m using” but what the fuck that has to do with the principles that Fidel’s Cuban model strove for?

Mr. Che wit bling on is supposed to love the bullshit. Confusion is pure hypocrisy on his part. He pops out Hip Hop culture. He understands the oddity.

Then he says “Where the fuck have you been?/The world’s under new management” so everyone can think he’s mad deep like he’s illuminati too when its still crackas running shit, niggas like him are just the front face used now.
Jay still fooling—what an MC?!!!

As I said before:
Jay-Z = Bizarro 2Pac. Emotionally attach masses to bullshit rebelliousness of capitalistic/imperialist insincere rugged individualist swag.

NOTE: 2PAC emotionally attached us to conscious rebelliousness, in forced contradiction, fighting hypocrisy with love for people and a holistic righteousness

I just have a history noting how weak Jigga lyrics are. REWIND TO 2010 JIGGA ON THE LINK

Peace, Sunez



Sunset Style:

The Next Element of Hip Hop

By Sunez




This book will be the first overt and uncontested display of the newly proposed element in Hip Hop culture, for official consideration, The Writer. The basic 4 elements of Hip Hop culture, DJing, MCing, Graffiti and B-boying (Breaking) eventually gave rise to the journalistic efforts by the immediate inner city audiences of color that began to question, explain and analyze this phenomenon. As Hip Hop journalism became the most powerful and popular force of music coverage, the writer immersed in the culture, became more than an impartial reporter.

The framework of the book is a cleverly constructed autobiography of Hip Hop writer, Sunez (aka Sunez Allah aka Edward Sunez Rodriguez), detailing his career in the journalistic industry from his beginnings as the author of the Sunset Style column. “Rodriguez was for several years a regular contributor to the CUNY Baruch College newspaper, The Ticker. His often controversial column, Sunset Style, is a “hip hop editorial” named after Rodriguez’ working class and heavily Puerto Rican Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.”- Raquel Rivera, New York Ricans From the Hip Hop Zone; Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. From that column it continues through his career spanning stints as a freelance writer, online editor and editor at numerous publications including Vibe, XXL and The Source then to his self published street and online journals, Our SWords and Lavoe Revolt ( Sunez reveals the evolution of his reality as the Next Element by his life experience that segue into displays of the journalistic skill, refined musical commentary and creative works that make the Hip Hop writer. Essentially, the Hip Hop Writer is a Hip Hop element as a chronicler of the music and culture as well as a newly recognized creative force of the culture.

Sunset Style is the start of a revolution of recognition for the great Hip Hop writers who have contributed to the music and culture as journalists, music analysts, critics and as creative writers. It is the defining testament of a 18 year Hip Hop writing career that makes Sunez the Next Element of Hip Hop: The Writer.