n.a.u. cover

A mixtape because we don’t know and need to.  In the ‘10’s decade, the mixtape has become a resume for the great artist we are not acquainted with.  For the Toronto, Canada producer St. Peter, it is a vital  tour of his abilities.  Having produced classic tracks for Hell Razah (“Gunz, Oil, Drugz” and “Selah” off the 2010’s Heaven Razah LP) and Killah Priest (“The Winged People”) for his recently dropped, The Psychic World of Walter Reed LP, he is indeed a producer of the superior lyricist.  St. Peter is a young master of atmosphere letting the subtle track changes flow with the MCs stories, instruments cling and hit distinct long notes, make snares snap and have hi-hats control time letting MCs roll through ideas.  St. Peter’s ability to temper tracks is all over this N.A.U. mixtape.  The soft whooos on “Weaping Tears” that fade for a crescendo that carries Priest’s detailing backdrop to trap us in.  Then the slight harp strings and touched bell over a shaking hi-hats.  His drum work is minimal and filled with sharp snares and instead of raising tempos, it is the dominance of the drum that matches the MC intensity as on Babylon Warchild’s “The System.”  St. Peter is producing MCs from Vendetta Kings to Daddy Rose back to Priest and Razah, the kind that intensely assault battle raps with insights and real talk declarations that let us ponder and reaffirm ourselves.  Using funky guitars that open a very full “Vertigo Dreams,” he uses  a reverberating keyboard stab and a ticking hi-hat to let Daddy Rose march through.  Simplicity is its own beauty on the hardcore Hip Hop track and the sad horn and crunched break for King David, Unknown Mizery and Fresco P to triumph their stance on “Nighthawks” is the epitome of that understanding.  In a decade walking to its midway point, there is another complete work that deserves more than a free download but loaded followers for one of the next great producers, a friend to the MC lyricist.  Don’t just let DJ Ronin tell it right.  Listen…