Darkim Be Allah – “Honor Amongst Villians”



Darkim Be Allah - "Honor Amongst Villians"


Fam Lab’s Darkim Be Allah is one of the greats of the Bronx and one of the most talented affiliates to emerge out of the Wu.  After being the first MC featured in our Premiere Feature Interviews (Fame Labs Series: Darkim Be Allah), he is now steadily dropping tracks and is expected to introduce new Fame Labs members on a Long Player. 

Here on “Honor Among Villains” his punctuating voice and rugged rebelliousness advocate principles where most incorrectly assume they don’t exist–with the struggling brothers on the corners for mere survival and places it into real time contexts.  Over a scratchy snare and digi key board loop, Darkim creates another rugged bed for his vocals.

“Lady was where they bust shots and it occurred to her they got your name you better duck quick that was the wrong nigga to fuck with/goons in the budget/hardcore but easy does it/would argue with a bitch but I’m above it/it’s Christ, you gotta love it…spit rhymes of crime in the building/so many people done told/so many eyes watch my bills unfold/in the streets hearts are still cold/ silverback guerilla mode/Fame Labs we live the killer code…”Darkim Be Allah - "Honor Amongst Villians"

Straight from Darkim, the upcoming title and tracklisting:

Live At The Lab; Take II…..Training Camp (July 2013)

1. Back To Ghetto (Venge Milz)
2. To The Top (Darkim Be Allah)
3. Unnamed
4. Deserted Blocks (Master Kbar)
5. Invincible Sword (Darkim Be Allah)
6. Honor Amongst Villains (Darkim Be Allah)
7. Kill Or Be Killed (Venge Milz)
8. They Cops, We Black (Darkim Be Allah)