WISEMEN WORK: Salute da Kidd – “Diggstown” & Phillie – “Lion King”


COVERDetroit’s Wisemen are dominating Hip Hop music this entire decade. After the dominance of Kevlaar 7  during 2012 (Die Ageless & Sophisticated Movement LPs) this year has had one of it’s most powerful releases with Phillie’s Welcome to the Detroit Zoo. With the release of “Lion King,” the summarizing track of the entire album is now given visuals.  Phillie is an MC that has seasoned his syncopation with the blues of his life.  Here he verses with pausing, pacing and punctuation perfectly.  “..Mo’ money mo’ problems/no money, no respect/I somewhere in between/it increase with every check/i’m anumber street rider…”  Listen for his fluctuations that make perfect arrangements of the flute at bar moments as “..And I ain’t even being fair to him/I swear, basic training can’t prepare for him/Wisemen approach/Sun Tzu transform…”  Still, the finale to this masterpiece needs the definitive chorus from Lord Jessiah manipulating the animal metaphor to the extreme understanding Phillie superior verses and Bronze’s dynamic production intended.

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salute da kidd logoSalute Da Kidd is an MC of subtle emergence originally standing among Bronze, Kevlaar 7 and Phillie as Wisemen debuted in 2007 with the excellent Wisemen Approaching LP.  The Wisemen (including June Mega and Illa Dayz) have such overt, glaring abilities, Salute becomes the lead off MC on so many tracks for an intensity and direct power that can be overlooked.  The lead underground single to the debut LP of the same name, “Diggstown” introduces the grittiness of the Diggs Projects in Detroit.  Salute is real, not because he is locked up as this incredible song filters easily through the real, but because the willingness of an MC to artistically represent the unknown, disrespected, most maligned with talent and skill.  When we hear “Diggstown,” Bronze, a very strong chorus lacer, portraits the Ol’ West here in urban concrete layout.  Bronze’s track fills the speakers with choral wail that slides tumble weeds through snares and times Salute at the saloon at high noon. “Diggstown get down spit rounds/silencers four pounds/ no sounds/guillotine chase cream broken dreams/forgotten world/lost girls/and them dope fiends/keep it clean/but don’t provide for their seeds..they wanna lock us down/complicate our sanity/so fuck a helping hand/nothing was handed to me/mute the bullshit and focus on my salary/the understanding is to understand I understand/check the label/ignorance define the Blackman/shit is cold, nigga/just like my soul nigga/rough jungle where the lion won’t fold nigga/play it by the code/travel through the broken road/couldn’t see it bro by the blindfold…”


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