SPIT GEMZ Work Update x PREMIERE Rewind


spit gemz louderSpit Gemz may have the strongest catalog of any MC that still has yet to reach his prime.  In other words, he is still criminally unknown and already has one of the best albums of the year, Fvck the Radio.

As he prepares his new album with Stu Bangas and other works, his Broken Home click is previewing works of great effort that should be more than a writer’s honor to cover but a listener’s expectations and needs fulfilled finally.  Here is a Premiere education rewind with updates on the new LP and his latest Fvck the Radio video, “Certain Delegates.”

On “Certain Delegates,”  remember to take note of the slower pacing Gemz employs to focus on the layering via his obsession with syllabic patterning. “Fuck clappin suckas/I’ma start slappin suckas/bring it back to the bats, chains and the brass knuckles/crazy homicide, tales from the darkside/That’s that poverty/project apartheid/dissect my scars/my pain, my conditioning/rigorous/my reign over competition/imminent, definitive victory/the minute you picture me/I’ve already disabled your ability to diss me/crispy…”


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