Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights LP singles


Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights LP singles

“There’s something about another nigga having shit/That have a nigga spazzing clips all up in your back and dip/Cause it’s all about bagging the baddest chick/Stacking them chicks up in Saks Fifth/But word is bond, you been on” – “Word Is Bond”

Joey Bada$$ is one of the stylistically developed lyrical MCs of his age you can ever here. As we have his proof of precociousness with 2012’s 1999 mixtape, he preps his Summer Knights LP with two strong singles. with The vocal fluctuations here have great honor in them. They reveal his natural abilities but also that he is a real student of the best of Hip Hop’s musical eras. Statik Selektah’s tough break and prominent piano strings let “Word Is Bond” flow with Joey’s details of the female trails of infidelity that become his adjustments in trials and tribulations.

Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights LP singles“Drop knowledge like a 5 Percenter/ Everytime I drop a line/it touch like 5 placentas/schooling your offspring..” – “95 Til Infinity”

For “95 Til Infinity”the song writing strength of Bada$$ becomes even more evident as this track comes with stylistic techniques that were prominent only in the era of Hip Hop’s musical dominance–the 90’s. Lee Bannon’s track is slow grooving and intense punctuation are in all of his rhyme bar ends while his voice vibrates menace between gruff yells to a grinding articulating that bring out the militancy of his youth and its growing focus of revolution. All summed up in a powerful chorus (“95 til infinity time/We in disguise behind enemy lines/Women with no identity signs/They can’t get my lines/I used to give a fuck you could find/95 til infinity time/We in disguise behind enemy lines/And I just kill it every time”). If anyone judges the writing cleverness that is developing Joey builds on it at Rap Genius explaining the homophone he lays down (“When she see the sun spit the proceeds when I cum”). It literally becomes an abstract quote as it merges both sides of the homophone’s double meaning as “When she seed the son, spit the pro seeds when eye cum” or “when she sees the sun, split the proceeds when eye come.” To blend them both to a line that cannot be understood on one listen is exactly what makes this Hip Hop lyricism an Art where the melodically numbing bassline is a meditative background to analyze.

At only 18 years old, his existence is exactly what the media and industry seek to destroy musically. As an Original man clearly schooled and schooling himself further in Hip Hop culture, his Art continues to be well protected behind enemy lines.