SUNSET STYLE: The Next Element of Hip Hop

“What’s the science?! Somebody?! This is trick knowledge!”

–          RZA of Wu-Tang Clan – “I Can’t Go To Sleep”

 “We must have our feet solidly on the ground, without ever sacrificing the greatest reality of principles.”

– Fidel Castro

SUNSET STYLE - BIZARRO PACS ZIMMERING & FORCE FED GRAFTING GALACTUSESNiggas got short memories and short pockets.  And I’m the Nigga Silver Surfer. I have long memories, a strong back and don’t feed Galactus anything living to eat off of.  Not this music of Hip Hop, not these ethics of Art and certainly not the knowledge of self.  But I am at fault though I am not to blame.  I have found life in the music just as he has lived off of it, this grafting Galactus.  I have learned to define my idealistic ethics with these Arts just as he, this Bizarro Pac, has leeched its integrity in the mask of emotive moral leaking through wax.  I have inquired, sought and learnt the ever-increasing knowledge of myself just as this Ravager of Worlds pretty hiccups frivolity, trivializing realness in the waviest of antics.


Now then, this grafting Galactus is a nigga that wins because we allowed competition for originality.  But he just competed to win.  He lived, as the few legends, before the Big Break and triumphed in survival as one of the corner’s ignorant.  One’s knowledge we may only base by the actions of one’s exploits.  And if those mighty exploits be the mere reckoning then this jigga nigga beckoned the confusion of the best part.  See, there is a best part. It is young, supple and filled with idealistic pursuit that bunch in beauty and ideas.   But they are easily led in the wrong direction for they grow in the karma of a world that has had many Galactuses pass.  In this world today, the best part are just known as young niggas.

SUNSET STYLE - BIZARRO PACS ZIMMERING & FORCE FED GRAFTING GALACTUSESThis nigga uSUNSET STYLE - BIZARRO PACS ZIMMERING & FORCE FED GRAFTING GALACTUSESniverse was small at first.  Yet, it allowed whole worlds and planets to develop.  The Gods and Earths finally existed here in self-awareness in the streets of Mecca/New York, Medina/Brooklyn, the Desert/Queens and that place where ideas are manifested, Pelan, the Bronx.  These Gods and Earths merely actualized a fact, eliminating all mysterious ceilings and worshipping mantels. I know these elders as my teachers so I know it impacted these brothers and sisters that would make a music out of the nothing they’d been given.  The 5%, the few that would share sincerely what they know to those whom are willing to learn what they do not know.  Worlds remade, minds revolutionized, niggas beyond survival now are with children thriving dynamically.

Kool Herc, a decade later isolates the musical foundation by break and Afrika Bambaataa fortifies the principle in name, way and unity – Hip Hop.  So there now was endless yet defined space to make your ideas grow.  You could bop or break down to any break.  No chops in the lungs you could still belt out verses with melody and flow.  No instruments or training but the ear’s work re-crafts notes now.  No galleries but you could write on any surface from the wall to the minds of others—it better be original, creative and really worth something.  More than the nothing this nigga would come with and more than this nigga talking to you would give him…SUNSET STYLE - BIZARRO PACS ZIMMERING & FORCE FED GRAFTING GALACTUSES

SUNSET STYLE - BIZARRO PACS ZIMMERING & FORCE FED GRAFTING GALACTUSESTruly, swimming in one’s heavy gold coinage is a coward’s yellow reign.  A rain that drowns the worth of its canvas and evaporates insight upon impact.  I, the nigga silver surfer, navigate through odd waters, working so that what is given isn’t stolen.  With the help of some of the heaviest metals of Bronze and Iron works and Zagnifs, the strongest materials rooted in Undeniable Kevlaar and Woodenchainz fortified by Shake C, to the toughest leaders of Khadafi’s infantry, the Napoleonic fleets and cadres of Sun Tzu there are many tragic allies.  Under these conditions we illuminate with a phillie that burns very, very slowly. All praises due Cyrus Malachi! The army is deep and there are many messengers of the Sun Blazed with melanin and loaded 9s.



Even with this army, my understanding composes from a place as one out of the elements but responsible for all the elements.  The nigga silver surfer is as the Sun is, a creator that critiques creation through works of creation.  These offerings work to protect against Galactus by instilling a spine of integrity into the backs of listeners.  I seek to starve Galactus even if that causes an Abraxas of lost sales where the collected obsessive, the Pop market, dissipate with nothing to hover towards.  This board that I soar through, piling letter for letter in inverted acapella, has been worn with honor by many.  The creative legends that chronicled the ideas of Jazz from Baraka to Ellison are invisible to many.  Known for no instrument they excelled at like Bird or Dizzy, composed none of the classic score of Duke or Miles yet those wordsmen creators who live the creations of their time may be blessed to critique it.

SUNSET STYLE - BIZARRO PACS ZIMMERING & FORCE FED GRAFTING GALACTUSES“Gettin somethin then, that niggas ain’t now gettin-feel me/Remember everybody wanted to be “Peace, God! Divine”/Real niggas kept their attributes, right through ’99”

–          Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles – “R.N.S. (Real Nigga Shit)”

This goes beyond the abhorrence of reinvigorated European papers, any modern Magna Carta that seeks to engrain grains of dilution.  The Holy Grail of Hip Hop is not always steeped in its sold acetate.  It isn’t in the orgy of their awards, the fun of their funds or the insight in their learned talking points.


It is in an integrity above the sum of their dastardly catalog as sean carter to jay-z—Das Efx tongue twisting—Cuban Linx theme to Reasonable root—pop a-side/occasional hard b-side—supreme clientele as blueprint’s aural blueprint—Def jam exec told but never helping records sold—integrity filled decoded but merely ghostwritten talking points—Brooklyn Nets hometown boy promo face behind a horridly gentrified Medina—rockin the Universal Flag of the Gods & Earths only to trivialize its worth and dismissing its addressing to worst confusion—streets is talking in pretty hiccups but Hip Hop mires as Afro-fad music.

It is beyond one man but personified in one man like Yacub’s Black pride where we are put aside in highlight only to be forever destroyed.  Through dilution of the principle of competition in original creativity to a mere rugged individualism of ultimate winning.  And one needs a Bizarro Pac to mutate these effects—those men and women that excel at emotionalizing the hardships of struggle to the justifications of hypocritical want as opposed to the highlight of varied contradictions thrust upon us.  Their talents are those of big headed scientists, as often magnificent as dangerous.  A team of American Dream that corrupt and trivialize the inseams of the genes that make the Black and Brown Original. SUNSET STYLE - BIZARRO PACS ZIMMERING & FORCE FED GRAFTING GALACTUSES


RZA revealing the Nation of God & Earth’s Universal Flag

In this date of 15 July 2013, I write of bloodsuckers and the mastery that they pretend upon the palaces of performance.  Those that zimmer through the air and prepare to pretend that the standing ground is a just act.  These Arts of oppressed people are supposed to be the roots score for our children, not the niche investment of petty hustlers.  It is supposed to mos definitely force feed the horrors of torture and the potential of beauty being lost from Guantanamo to Gunset.  It must be a daringly innovative cultural home where the words of youth protect them and where the music that surrounds them provokes their greatness.  The music of Hip Hop is, at idealistic best, a counter-cultural work against the reality of racism.  Racism that is the foundation of this entire Westernized society and its USA peak of packaging.  It fortifies the collection of the greatest mental and physical capital ever pursued for sequestering—Original People—Us.  When that Hip Hop work becomes a mere staple of status quo and weak posturing then we only have a soundtrack to our own fatalities.    When this soundtrack hits, we, too, despise the youth and abhor their rebelliousness, overlook their precociousness and disrespect their non-conformity leading to a twerked today.  A today of toupe’d totality that despises the limitless mentality under the hoods of our youth.  So as I surf through these digital and physical worlds, this creator creates, critiques corruption, catapults creations and teaches youth to decapitate demonic cruelty.   I won’t allow another Trayvon  and with all the power that I have every grafting Galactus will not starve us.  These are some of the principles in the curriculum behind the Arts.




Please Educate Allah’s Children Equally,



“I teach the truth to the youth: Hey Youth! Better start wearing bulletproof!”

–          Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Damage”

 “..Remember that the life of an unarmed man must be sacred for you.”

– Fidel Castro



Sunset Style:

The Next Element of Hip Hop

By Sunez




This book will be the first overt and uncontested display of the newly proposed element in Hip Hop culture, for official consideration, The Writer. The basic 4 elements of Hip Hop culture, DJing, MCing, Graffiti and B-boying (Breaking) eventually gave rise to the journalistic efforts by the immediate inner city audiences of color that began to question, explain and analyze this phenomenon. As Hip Hop journalism became the most powerful and popular force of music coverage, the writer immersed in the culture, became more than an impartial reporter.

The framework of the book is a cleverly constructed autobiography of Hip Hop writer, Sunez (aka Sunez Allah aka Edward Sunez Rodriguez), detailing his career in the journalistic industry from his beginnings as the author of the Sunset Style column. “Rodriguez was for several years a regular contributor to the CUNY Baruch College newspaper, The Ticker. His often controversial column, Sunset Style, is a “hip hop editorial” named after Rodriguez’ working class and heavily Puerto Rican Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.”- Raquel Rivera, New York Ricans From the Hip Hop Zone; Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. From that column it continues through his career spanning stints as a freelance writer, online editor and editor at numerous publications including Vibe, XXL and The Source then to his self published street and online journals, Our SWords and Lavoe Revolt ( Sunez reveals the evolution of his reality as the Next Element by his life experience that segue into displays of the journalistic skill, refined musical commentary and creative works that make the Hip Hop writer. Essentially, the Hip Hop Writer is a Hip Hop element as a chronicler of the music and culture as well as a newly recognized creative force of the culture.

Sunset Style is the start of a revolution of recognition for the great Hip Hop writers who have contributed to the music and culture as journalists, music analysts, critics and as creative writers. It is the defining testament of a 18 year Hip Hop writing career that makes Sunez the Next Element of Hip Hop: The Writer.