UNDENIABLE – 5 FINGER DISCOUNT VOL. 1-5 EP ReviewThe EP is a small overview of the skills of an artist concentrating themselves to educate the listener on their worth over the upcoming Long Player.  Late last year and into the first half of this year, O7 and Sinnagi of Undeniable have multiplied this concentrated presentation in five EPs as the 5 Finger Discount Volumes 1 through 5. So we have proof of the LP necessity to the fifth power.

O7 aka Omnipotent and Sinnagi are blessed with such a dynamic conversational tone that injects pauses all lending spontaneity and deeper relation.  Their content is guided by vivid punchlines that detail while devoid of didacticism.  It leads to verses not barraged with excessive facts expecting a militant persona to lead the listener to their conclusions.  Instead their bars echo a deeper understanding that is delivered in earnest observation and immediately applicable insight. The battle songs leave building blocks of hard work and integrity (i.e. Sinnagi on “Truth Is”and“Streetwise”) where there is a cleverness that never wavers despite the topics switching constantly, the themes jumping from street cipher to stage performing to bedroom romances to library study and lab refinement.  A topic diversity that hits a peak of brilliance in quantity and quality on relationships.  There is the soulful DW-laced ballad of “Hello,” with verses that speak of love brewing and rapidly developing. “Stay Inside” is Undeniable’s power ballad bond for that special woman, the rare one that God can call his Earth.  They even comedically hit with the strip club intrigue of “Money Makes Her Smile” where Sinnagi contemplates in wonderlust, “She made her booty clap so hard I thought it’d give me back change.”  Then there is the beautifully JF bolero sample flippin’ with the emotive strings and legendary vocals toward the baby momma’s fiendish motives on “Confrontation” meriting further add on. UNDENIABLE – 5 FINGER DISCOUNT VOL. 1-5 EP Review

Hip Hop verses have always related and become Pop because the simplest concepts portrayed relate by default and extend by overrating.  It has stagnated the music where relating to a verse is really a weak relevance that can be popularly hashtagged.  The MC is made by the detail, intricately woven and uniquely presented, that honors the vivid portraits we need to see from the Real.  When Omnipotent verses “Confrontation” there isn’t just a cliché hatred but the details of struggle with seeking one’s humanity despite the surface justifications to lash out savagely: “When our child is old enough to understand what’s going on/you gon have some explaining to do cuz you’re wrong/wicked like ya mama/I should’ve listened to your father/he told me not to fuck with you/now I’m stuck http://www.buyambienmed.com with you/made my life a living hell/you lying to the cops got me in and out of jail/all cuz I kept it real/too real it seems cuz now you hate me/tight I passed up that rotten crotch when you tried to bait me/told you we need to be friends for the sake of our baby/instead you and your family and friends started acting shady/cool, use our daughter as a tool to try to break me/see my new lady and you really went crazy/didn’t know you was so willing to go so low/cost me a good couple of jobs and a good amount of dough/there’s a big eviction letter right on my front door/to tell your ignorant ass love don’t live here no more.”  O7 is a lyricist whose dexterity is in his words being a camera to the common sense and insights he extracts from his life. Coupled with a distinct raspy voice that is one of Hip Hop’s most distinguishable, he enunciates his bars with near perfect allowance for listener transcription.

UNDENIABLE – 5 FINGER DISCOUNT VOL. 1-5 EP ReviewAlong with highlight verses of O7, Undeniable’s five EPs have a musical consistency based on wild variety.  It’s here were Sinnagi shines particularly, dynamically extending his range with his charismatically paused punctuations on the “It’s A Wrap RMX” that bass bounces through its stuttering drums, the vowel layering that gets deeper as the verse reaches its end on “Please Pardon Me,” the driving flow that matches the Boom Bap break on “Roll With Fam,” his vibrant walk through the puff puff pass cipher on “Take Your Time With It” and the timed inflections with superb speed variations on “That Claim” among other instances.  Undeniable, as an MC unit, don’t make tracks to work their athleticism as in dexterity showcases of excessive complex word layering or bar defying breath control.  Instead, the 5 Finger Discount series is clearly making a presentation of their greatest theme—their songwriting ability.UNDENIABLE – 5 FINGER DISCOUNT VOL. 1-5 EP Review

The 5 Finger Discount Series total 25 tracks that reveal carefully chosen beds with diverse musical influences from R&B/Soul and Hip Hop tempo styles of varying eras, diverse drum sampling and equalizing quality.  Their production is more than the sum of its styles when its MC instruments are merged within them.  With 5 EPs, all freely shared, they give away works that most practice for years to amass. Yet knowing some of the hidden works of their future tracks, O7 & Sinnagi’s creative direction and skill level is undeniably extending further.

Download all five 5 Finger Discount EPs at http://undeniablemusic.com/music.cfm

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