WILLIE WAZE – “WHERE I’M COMING FROM” Single ReviewThe illest MC on the comeup will be the one most daring to once again do that which has been done before so incredibly.  Virginia’s Willie Waze dares to introduce his upcoming LP Da Lexicon of a NoVa Souljah by offering the hood-I-rep-from track.  After his two Early Certainty mixtapes, it is certainly expected that he would offer a unique perspective and dynamic cleverness to it.  Waze achieves this with “Where I’m Coming From” where his detail educates (“Coming straight from Alexandria/it’s my heart and it’s located in Virginia, the northern part/not the Egyptian city, it’s historical in its own right…”), drops social commentary (“the cops the new Alexander they don’t rule right/got the city hot like a cartel was present/yet still in their eyes we’re more like peasants/it’s a lot of rich, a lot of poor/the demographics ain’t pleasant y’all”) and offers crafty angles on the typical (i.e. “Peace to my humans that took room from the dirt”).  Grussle lays down a digi-funky crescendoing melody that smashes guitars with the bass drumming through a tough break on a cymbal crashing snare. Willie Waze is an MC that styles through his lyricism, a rare trait that he uses for this great introduction to his city, himself and his upcoming album.