KASIM ALLAH – LIVING MATHEMATICS ReviewToday’s mathematics is Knowledge Born all being born to Knowledge.  On these pages, the Savior of the Universe Now shows and proves the Equality of all this knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  This equality Zig Zag Zigs into the beat breaks and chopped loops and what is known is fulfilled in the middle of assembled verses fulfilling true creativity.  Honoring this awareness of such Hip Hop roots, builds are revealed on great works.  Sunez making knowledge born on the creations of Creators…

This way of building ideas to born a deeper cipher of thought is a knowledge of self science that has elevated lives since 1964.  The Nation of God and Earth, (also known as the 5% Nation) founded in 1964, by Allah, the Father, taught young Black, Brown and Yellow men they are Original men, fathers of civilization and that the science of themselves are that they are the true and living God, themselves.  That their women were the Queens of civilization by nature and are truly the Earth, the vessel of all life, Creation itself.  All things rooted mathematically, supreme simplicity is in Supreme Mathematics and now love is understanding, hell is work we will accomplish and righteousness is a state of ever being and borning what is right.  Empowered, history is written in advance and days have an uplifting measurement of meaning.

Taught to youth, swiftly out the mouths of young Original men are clever words, strong intentions and powerful sciences.  There no longer a mystery god in the sky, a mysterious energy pulverizing their plans or a mysterious force pressing them to do.  Now looking within themselves for answers, the culture immediately carries over to the Hip Hop Arts being molded in the 1970’s.  The Gods standing on the square protect Kool Herc’s speakers.  The Gods build proving their square and the MCs start to take the title of Allah, himself.  The interlocution between Gods interlacing lessons and interweaving insights constructs a language of entertaining education—the precursor to edutainment.  Edutainment of technique and/or content fill MC bars and a simple rhyming song becomes poetic prose. KASIM ALLAH – LIVING MATHEMATICS Review

And the best MCs of all time are virtually all influenced by Allah’s 5 Percent.  And some of them actually are G.O.D….Kasim Allah drops Living Mathematics, to this cipher, in an era where commercialized Hip Hop is pop and underground Hip Hop is the Pop yet to pop.  Still, Kasim, an MC with a voice of deep timbre and strong diction, song writes concepts through stripped down, Boom precision tracks.  Upon immediate listen, the track work is lacking the refinement of perfected equalizing or mastering.  It is a bass/drum/snare/high hat/hook/sample mixture that is blended circa 1990 that may mistakenly be dismissed as derivative.  However, Living Mathematics, is produced by the MC’s fluctuating emotion and varying understanding successfully.   There are the right tempos as the steady funk bass wop of the title cut or the BW vocal and string loop on “Cocaine” that allow Kasim to display the subtle breath control melodic mastery.  On the rightly underproduced “A Day in the Hood,” Kasim makes the track’s bells merge with his verses for hypnotic effect while the hand clap snares stutter “Do the Knowledge” enough to allow Kasim to spoken verse through.  Then the deep bassdrums and high snapping snares of “Limelight” Kasim battle raps on.  At the most intense, the pounding snares and triumphant horn of “Yacub” matches Kasim dropping jewels on the vicious history of the oppressive origins of the Caucasian race.  All the production merits and flaws are summarized on the excellent Brand Nubian featured “Jive Pretenders” and its remix.  The tracks have slight eq imbalances and sample familiarity but are great decisions for Kasim, Lord Jamar and Sadat X to wisdom ill verses on.

A definitive MC veteran that doesn’t have the catalog his talent deserves must go where Living Mathematics ventures.  The concepts throughout are filled with heavy content yet the formats are delivered diversely.  Kasim is an MC whose range is all over the mid to slow tempo yet his deep timbre and potent articulation let him verse through spoken word with a Barry White cadence on “My Old Flame” or hit a fluctuating ease on “She Luv It.”   There are the situation verses that detail the brutalitiy of the oppression we struggle through on “Hevvy” or clear, non-preachy insights on “Holla.”  Kasim laces the 120 Lessons in arcane phrasing through “Living Mathematics” yet purposefully details who the Gods are as on the dominant verses of “Jive Pretenders” (“the energy to spark off creation/zig zag zig I can dig a new nation from the soil of the mother of civilization traveling at a high speed of rotation on her way around the light source of the whole U-N-I/verse when we build make originals unify/don’t fear the devil now that I’m a grown man./the God use mathematics now to own land/move the water and draw it up in a fine mist/rain down wise words on the mic like this…”). It all leaves any listener with the empowering keys to lead many Google searches or spark a trip to Harlem’s Allah School in Mecca or one near enough to directly learn from brothers with KOS. KASIM ALLAH – LIVING MATHEMATICS Review

The best of Hip Hop MCing is ideas that are needing of analysis, display skill and directly address issues.  Whether it’s the real research provoked by “Yacub,” the story telling skill on “Giving Up” or the Trayvon protest of “Hero,” Kasim is complete of all these Mic Criteria.  It makes Living Mathematics powerful edutained listening and demands many more Long Players from the Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Supreme Head of Kasim Allah.