AG DA CORONER – CRUSHED GRAPES EP ReviewBack? Bring it back! Can’t even teach these young boys a knowledge of self let alone where this Hip Hop shit started.  The grit and grime it ought to have.  The violent beauty the lyrics ought to flow with, the pounding menace the breaks need to drive with, the magnificence of the found sample. So in them moments of time brothers turn off the radio…Frivolously gorgeous women aren’t able to excuse the taste.  Ebro can’t dismiss the fake as real.  Rosenberg can’t be the rap Kipling with underground burden. Charlamagne is just a rider with no square, never a G that helped this music.  Even Trinidad James’ commentaries can’t become a young nigga’s Cornel West musical theories.  Like fucking crushed grapes on soiled concrete by aged Tims, all the promos of pop are off.

The Boricua East New York reppin’ AG Da Coroner is pure grit and grime.  He delivers his bars with a pause to run menace through the silence.  On Crushed Grapes, he bars through an all ATG produced EP to prelude his Sip the Nectar debut LP that is thematically driven by reminding all of the menace that NYC Hip Hop has always had.  It starts unapologetically grime’d up with “Welcome to My World” with “I’m the difference between a rapper and an artist/a rapper’s a follower/an artist is doing what he wants to regardless” and you gon get the LP when it’s fucking finished.  “Stars Are Born” goes through Medina neighborhoods where “I could run down the list name a million more niggas but there’d still be more that I miss…” while the classic “New York Never Left” fills the historical gaps that have been destroyed since the 90’s ended.   It’s a track where his excellent timing, tempo pacing and articulate yet deep timbre dominate through the cryptic organ grooves.

AG DA CORONER – CRUSHED GRAPES EP ReviewThe round out songs display a versatility with the battle track “Problem” on a powerful bass heavy track with flying cymbal crashes and wildly thrown snares.  Nez and AG show command of the upper mid tempo ruggedness while Nez returns with M. Reck as AG continues the theme of honoring this hellish city we come from with “Ghetto Love.”  The bass heavy drivers are ATG’s specialty and “Luca Brasi (Sleep)” is a definitive example.  This EP is a survey of what AG represents and “What We Have” is the signature track while the SJ dapped “Not Gonna Cry” gives us clues on his drive and mentality.

NYC is filled with emerging MCs and few are as quietly seen and heard in so many places as AG Da Coroner with such a small amount of work.  He carries a well deserved mystery of menace and with Crushed Grapes, delivers nine well written thought out A-side songs, not loose B-side fillers, bar segments or mixtape cuts.  Crushed Grapes is concentrated life squeezed through the filters of talent and served on the chilled, rugged breaks of ATG.  Now, if someone turns the fucking radio on again, we can all laugh at them with another small score in our arsenal.