SUNSET STYLE: The Next Element of Hip Hop By SUNEZ

“Thought is more important than art. To revere art and have no understanding of the process that forces it into existence, is finally not even to understand what art is.” – Amiri Baraka

 “Ariel Sharon—another reason I’m squeezing with the right to bear arms” – Hell Razah – “Smoking Gunz”

This be a world where countries are metaphors for niggers.  Puerto Rico’s earthquakes hit a nigger softer because they been raped by massa efficiently.  Haiti, the field nigger, still reels in pain.  See they moved into Boriken with boot strap operations but kept lacing Haiti loose of its footing daily.  Some oppressed are only twelve years a slave, all the rest gots to get they own red pills.

This be a world where violent similes don’t surprise but come to define what you find.  Around these concrete corners even the Yogis gasp for breath.  On the blocks where climate change is powerful enough to make a man’s mystery god easy to never find.  No, he’sa ain’t up there cuz dees thangs, Lawd oh mufuckin Laawwwd, they aint suppose to goes like dis!

SUNSET STYLE – BARAKA TO HEAVEN, SHARON TO HELL I’m a G but not like that mystery.  I be a scrivener in the world of whirled words, combinations of the conquering order. There is blood in my fountain because others steal your ideas upon the mere permission they sign upon your smile.  They shine on your own words with ghostly linx to a delayed footnote no one steps into.  So now, I send them to hell with a whole lotta love and bring ‘em to heaven with the word of right, a simple seal from my oldest chisel.

Elohim, the Gods, from Alohim back to Allah himself, this Original man, was told in scrolls from other Original men that the word was made flesh.  But these words here gon exact the flesh off a man draped in false eulogy.  Then there is the pen’s sequester of the yellow robe.  So that it may be offered to the person of that Black man clichéd by a biography of supposed phases.  Mohandas to Mahatma, Clarence 13X to Allah, the Father and now LeRoi to Amiri—perfect is just them portions called classics, perfection was the life, the ever increasing development of one’s supreme nature.  These were men that led even as they continued to question.  And the oppressor will continue to mix, dilute and tamper with the consistency of the conqueror.

The course is Fidelian where the skill of the build makes any fancy for the destruction of the enemy unnecessary.  And this writer, a young man, fed by the torn stamps, survived by fam’s conflicted codes of morality and loaded with the minerals and vitamins, iron and the niacin of Hip Hop’s rebellion.  Engaged in acquiring my degree from my government scholarship, an ol’ book, Black Music were those open papers that sparked me to bring a violence of enlightenment.  Baraka was my confirming prototype.  A brother who wrote about an earlier Hip Hop, Jazz, as a critic and thinker.  But he ain’t outside the cipher.  He wrote the pieces with the magnetic that still saw the cipher from the outside.  Baraka silenced the white Jazz critic’s hypocrisy and exposed their disconnects , de-invented Manning Marable’s erroneous reinvention of Malcolm X and cleverly carved words of revolution again and again from The Roots Phrenology LP to that ill 9/11 bomb to Def Poetry Jam.  Baraka was dominant on ideas of music and culture because his vivid journalism and valid historical presence was fortified by being a creative force himself.  A creative writer on all pursuits.

Inspired, now I am an element of Hip Hop—A Writer.  Back in ’95 ,Blaze bit it and couldn’t hold it.  Through XXL Vibes, no Source could mold it.  Via brief moments of my own Sacred Words, SWords that assembled immortal techniques to the vigor of Lavoe Revolt, my voice is rooted in the inspiration of Baraka.  Today it Premiere’s in kevlaar’d posts in the paragone of Hip Hop.  An inspiration to have no limit of righteousness with the pencil because Baraka wasn’t concerned with perceived contradictions but obsessed with the stripping of hypocrisies.  So he didn’t worry about selling you a book while he told you the binding was fastened by vile deception.  You navigate the bound blocks, turn to the right sheet streets, collect the words from corner to corner and populate your temple with the best ideas of Art’s methods and Insight’s blessings adorned all over.

SUNSET STYLE – BARAKA TO HEAVEN, SHARON TO HELLBut Sharon, all for a fake state with a stolen peoples’ legacy and a Mossad that’ll scrape the thoughts off the most obscure façade, is the warrior of merit.  The genocidal Nimrod, ornamenting the world with the paranoia of pending demise and its need for violent recourse.  And so he is achieved greatly with wars and stripping families through the Gaza Strip, a legend in civilian killing.  No monster like a movie because Sharon’s belly was always full yet he was never not hungry.  A living anti-Semite, all the living descendants of the Original Black Jews were his foes and who but a mystery will bestow such dishonor to him.  It’s just another salacious spic, he write words that spell like a Palestinian pick up little stick and seek to pick a place to persevere.  Young brother man, alien of this world might ask, is It that the oppressor with acts of oppression is more profound than the oppressed genius of artful ideas? Emphatically no. It is that the challenging man is not taught as the true scientists experimenting and making new worlds with high explosives.  Baraka’s said to be just a dangerous revolutionary corrupting the progress of all things prosperous with his pensively penned interrogations of hell.

But as all the worlds willingly whirl they still are all from our mind.  Heaven and Hell are not parting palaces and prisons for placement but the paths of proper perception we honorably principle perfection through.  As another writer sparked to a heavenly mindstate by a legend, I, a Creator, creating Creation always in the study of understanding creations…I bestow all praises due Amiri Baraka.  Thank you, brother.

“Warriors are poets and poems and all the loveliness here in the worlds.” – Amiri Baraka

“If every day is evolutionary/Reborn or die as a spiritual revolutionary…They say the author was an educator/I drop a jewel on a slave trader…” – Heaven Razah – “Book of Heaven Razah





Sunset Style:

The Next Element of Hip Hop

By Sunez


This book will be the first overt and uncontested display of the newly proposed element in Hip Hop culture, for official consideration, The Writer. The basic 4 elements of Hip Hop culture, DJing, MCing, Graffiti and B-boying (Breaking) eventually gave rise to the journalistic efforts by the immediate inner city audiences of color that began to question, explain and analyze this phenomenon. As Hip Hop journalism became the most powerful and popular force of music coverage, the writer immersed in the culture, became more than an impartial reporter.

The framework of the book is a cleverly constructed autobiography of Hip Hop writer, Sunez (aka Sunez Allah aka Edward Sunez Rodriguez), detailing his career in the journalistic industry from his beginnings as the author of the Sunset Style column. “Rodriguez was for several years a regular contributor to the CUNY Baruch College newspaper, The Ticker. His often controversial column, Sunset Style, is a “hip hop editorial” named after Rodriguez’ working class and heavily Puerto Rican Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.”- Raquel Rivera, New York Ricans From the Hip Hop Zone; Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. From that column it continues through his career spanning stints as a freelance writer, online editor and editor at numerous publications including Vibe, XXL and The Source then to his self published street and online journals, Our SWords and Lavoe Revolt ( Sunez reveals the evolution of his reality as the Next Element by his life experience that segue into displays of the journalistic skill, refined musical commentary and creative works that make the Hip Hop writer. Essentially, the Hip Hop Writer is a Hip Hop element as a chronicler of the music and culture as well as a newly recognized creative force of the culture.

Sunset Style is the start of a revolution of recognition for the great Hip Hop writers who have contributed to the music and culture as journalists, music analysts, critics and as creative writers. It is the defining testament of a 18 year Hip Hop writing career that makes Sunez the Next Element of Hip Hop: The Writer.