THE PREMIERE VERSE: UNDENIABLE featuring NAPOLEON DA LEGEND – “Strap Up”Diversity is a worrisome thing in the Arts.  It usually means this piece is great, that one’s good and those suck.  Undeniable’s O7 and Sinnagi, with last year’s 5 volume EP series, The 5 Finger Discount, absolutely dispelled those expected pitfalls.  They are masters of adjusting tempos and infusing the technical skills of wordplay, verbal dexterity and depth into all styles.  Regardless of subject matter, their charisma and conversational real time details power their tracks.

Featuring Napoleon Da Legend, an MC of rare supremacy with the tools of lyrical complexity and dexterous melody in his lines with a content that inspires the young and honors the elder.  Last year’s Awakening LP was a debut that not only paves a way for an MC but cements a path for a legendary career, as he’s naturally named.

These brothers, with knowledge, experience and insights that merit the many tales that spin on wax, their union on “Strap Up” is the resulting lyrical showcase.  Techniques are all over and the hells we suffer are all taken from different angles from O7’s micro-theft to the macro-system, Po’s psychological breakdown and Sinnagi’s flashback to the ancestor’s revolution that we must make the present.

Skills… O7 leads off with his classic voice of rasped articulation that captivates.  With a cadence that impresses on sound and emphasis of sincerity he can rhyme just on assumed assonance.  Parts of the verse don’t technically rhyme but they still rhyme.  A mastery in the pulling of the listener into a world through one stressed view we all really can and must relate to.  When Napoleon follows his vocals a wholly different deep tough tone, they roll with short coupling of internal rhymes to extended verses where he expands his thoughts.   Thoughts that revise our review of the rat race and the glorious choice that’s left as a revolutionary in the middle of hell about to make a heavenAs Po’s build passes to Sinnagi, the style of internal rhyming changes.  Where Po couples his verses for a floating melodic consistency, Sinnagi’s drives his bars by pairing the short sharp phrases by his fluctuating change ups.  Change ups that dive back into a historical flashback that serves as the best metaphor.  The way we fought then we must learn to fight now.

The entire fight score of this classic verse vehicle by Dubz Ducatti is simplicity at its best.  A calmly pulsing organ bass thrust with notes of violin chaos diving in and out.  Out of a break with a scratchy snap snare and a set package of ticking high hats. It all makes for a polyrhythmic track that is hardcore but still sinister in subtely.



Live from a place where, life is extra real

 we too busy worrying about how we gon get that next meal

 to care about your popularity contests or sex appeal

 we out here scrambling for bills to pay bills

humility replaces arrogance when niggas brandish steel

and put it in your grill/ Jittery? better keep still

your false sense of security vanished like your jewelry

 it all happens when you least expect it, usually

 ugly chain of events, the culprits came off beautifully

laughed all the way to the pawn shop

woke you up out of your sleep, different kind of alarm clock

 more police on the street but this ain’t gon stop

 every situation’s just another demonstration

 of what happens when you have a combination of desperation

 and self-preservation, volatile equation

 losing your job could be the spark that starts your whole powder keg

 the bankers are the real terrorists not no towel heads

aint gotta be a genius to see this

 economy’s was breeding homegrown extremists

they engineered Armageddon

 it’s the have nots versus the elitists so Strap Up!



Poverty’s Pavarott,Benzes and Maseratis

 walking nonchalantly, passive aggressive probably

 Ay yo, we numb the pain, our daily lives is hunger games

we drug the brain, our state of mind is on a jungle frame

 street safaris with deserts, like it’s the Kalahari  

we’re never sorry, we starving they eating calamari

we wanna drive the Ferraris, Bentleys and the Bugattis

and that’s when they do us like that boy Gaddafi

you read Siddhartha, when he reached nirvana

he almost died, he only got there when he reached the bottom

death and life is like a thin line, it’s in the mind

 half of us are in denial, within our inner child

getting screwed like female genit-ile,

 we live in hell, they living well

 how you explain minority percentages in jail

 racism nowadays is institutional

and if you ever pay college tuition you, should know you

gotta pay to play, that’s why we rhyme on 808s

zombies in this society we sleeping wide awake

 then I evaluate my options inside of this enigma

and leaves us with this dilemma

that’s why we Strap Up!


Bullets, banana clips, sweaty palms, and rubber grips

 black masks, a stolen whip, flashbacks, a wooden ship

 chain and shackled, wallowing in piss, and shit,

the air is thick, nauseating adrenaline, this may be it

refuse to be a slave, I am in enraged in,

 what they engage me in, cage me in,

 say I’m an animal, three fifths homosapien

 my reaction is on a different radian

instant upon arrival, its survival, while they train me in

 auction block, carried off, herded up like livestock, to work a plot

it’s damn hot, sweat’s stinging all the scars I’ve gotten,

 I ran for it, got backlashes, fuck back to picking cotton

my soul’s rotten, no salvation, for the downtrodden

I am a King, a hidden message in the songs I sing

when night falls

our flame rises, we gon kill them all

shotguns in the shed, catch them sleeping in their beds

so they never wake up

 it’s time for freedom my peoples’, Strap Up!