THE BLACK DAYS UNDER THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS: BRONZE NAZARETHThe Hip Hop Writer edits to preserve and innovate his word freely.  Words that chronicle the feats of originality and illness but also their own Black fisted creativity.  When the pen’s metal is guided by a mettle of no sell out, the Writer as Editor can be honored as a championing funnel for the real. All they need is a score and Bronze has been much of this writer’s beat pada and dhamma verses.

Bronze Nazareth is a brother of chiseled tone who composes a score that scrapes viciously over Blues vocals that soothe the sores. It doesn’t erase them but it gives us strings to hang on to, breaks that don’t get broken and ladies that sing and never leave, looped in holy stanzas only.  Since Taming The Ironfrom Bronze’s early 2004 website, this  Iron Butterfly Writer’s been inspired.  And today the Bronzeman is Hip Hop’s most criminally unheralded musician leading Detroit’s Wisemen, working their Black Day in July label, raising a beautiful family and still fighting the Man, repping the people.  After 2011’s School for the Blindman‘s deft yet subtle lyric gem, he spent 2013 releasing Phillie’s debut jewel,  Welcome to the Detroit Zoo [Review HERE], contributing to the second The Almighty LP,  adding on to Endemic’s Terminal Illness 2 and releasing his EP, Blenders [Buy HERE].  This year he begins by beat paving Willie the Kid’s latest The Living Daylights [Review HERE].

Honored to build with Bronze again, he remains an enigma of these times I write fight for and with.  Their broke back books will read he is under-marketed or that listeners assumed a mere derivative RZA-esque sound.  It all really has been the injustice of a jilting journalism and lazy listener-ship.  Bronze should have been the one to rightfully, as a Wu-Element with the actual classic material, to remix Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge’s Twelve Reasons To Die.  And he may not get Masta Killa to hold lyrical parliament on his completely produced “Noodles” project but all his works yell the potential.  Despite that, Bronze already knows he’ll “probably never be as big as Slim Shady or Jay-Z even though I write vivid like I’m Homer the Greek”…But I know he ought to and so we build again in this exclusive interview….