Ye are all Gods but ye shall die like men”

–          Psalms 82:6, Holy Bible, King James Version

GODZ CHYLD – FOREVER EP ReviewThe Bible. A book sold that sells more bars than any record.  It imprisons the mystery of justifications on a populace when the snake is on the pulpit.  It is a book, most heavily tampered, a gorgeous whore of insight rammed with filthy confusion.  So odd that its translation is frozen in the moments of the savage King James whose only jump shot was into the pants of his male courtiers.  So pause and rewind to find the verses in the most popular and the most toughest book to understand can ignite the MC.  Knowledge is hard to take out of intended ideas scrambled and nothing could be more popular.

Yet, it can ignite that MC feenin to fix the farrago with a love of our spiritual nature as a Black and Brown peoples amidst the squalor of these times of imposed meekness. A Mic checka whose obsessed with the unity of our power and feels exalted enough in the small clues of reverence held in select verses to fight.  Fight with lines that declare their reality as a supreme being, God, even if every other Bible page isn’t as clear as their 16 and hook.  And knowing that he beheld himself a child of God, as God, he zig zag zigs the insight Forever as Godz Chyld…

Godz Chyld is a young MC whose words are aged in the epic stature of developing enlightenment (“I was born through a heavenly covenant pushed through the deep reaches of space from a mother ship or a father ship/I wrote it in a darker script/but the lightness and darkness will comprehend/dropping sentences designed to prove you not authentic/as I sit on a throne/holding a microphone/like a staff writing gold disguised as poems/full of righteous wrath…” – “Heavens”).  He chronicles the hells around him but refuses to allow them to taint him.  He is an MC that, in this mere 6 song EP Forever, makes the concept of him selling out as illogical as the devil winning.  At moments, these characters of God and devil may be mysterious but his craft, at its best leaves them real. Cause there ain’t no mystery.  And with Jordan River Banks of Godz Wrath Productions giving soundscapes of pensive breaks, Forever succeeds in revealing an upcoming NYC MC with exceptional skill and worth of content.


It is hard not to see that Godz Chyld has a spiritual sincerity great MCs as Killah Priest and Hell Razah have made legacies of and a cadence that has Nas’ calm pace.   He has a fury against the wrong of today and his battle verses are filled with commentary (“My image is more perfect than the Sistine Chapel/or any ancient working/original plan/biology craze/now stuck living in the technology craze…” – “Last Days”) and defines his persona as a character of realness that has developed since his dawn (“Since the days I was a seed I race through to succeed/at a chance of life/my moment to shine/my chance to fight/if my stance was right/I could travel in the halls/ of history where you hear my name called..” – “Forever”).

Jordan knew exactly what he was arranging with Forever.  After producing for Killah Priest, Hell Razah and Black Market Militia, Banks found a young MC who has the same heart, calm intonation and clever lyrical intelligence to match his Zen works.  Jordan gives high airy vocals to introduce “Last Days” via Godz Chyld coming through acapella as a bagpiped loop dives through with a deep bass drum snare crunch.  Then there is the whistling cascade of “High Explosives” with high hats attacking snares.  The setup of aural stages for Godz Chyld is Jordan’s skill and “Alive” with introspective strings and a fluttering flute and harps punctuating are perfect.  Using crescendos and letting the breaks groove into the musical hooks gradually as on “Heavens” make for an appreciation for an arranged score.

With Jordan’s set pieces, Godz Chyld exhibits his effortless way of technical writing skill and powerful persona for a melodic rhyming and wordplay of imagery that inspires and amazes consistently.  Godz Chyld and Jordan River Banks define themselves dynamically in just six tracks and on the seventh we will continue to edutain of their careers.

“The tongue of the just is as choice silver”

–          Proverbs 10:20, Holy Bible, King James Version