“The World Is A Ghetto” by Willie WAZE


In light of recents events, I felt it was only right for me to speak out against what has been going on. We are living in a time that resembles the 60’s minus any strong black leaders to lead the way. Nevertheless I feel that the time is also unique due to access that we have to the internet which gives a direct link to what has been occurring. The aftermath of Michael Brown’s murder has led to everything from riots, looting and peaceful protests. All of which the militarized police force has been trying to hide from the public. The media blackout has been occurring for a few days. However, thanks to both brave patrons and journalists we have been able to witness first hand accounts via Youtube and such. Before the incident in Ferguson, Missouri the world witnessed Eric Garner being strangled to death in NYC by a police officer. The bullshit has even hit home when a brotha by the name of Julian Dawkins from my hood of Alexandria, Virginia was murdered by an off-duty Deputy Sheriff. By the time the trial was over, the sentence for the crime only amounted to 6 years. There has yet to be any real leads or info released about what will come next for Eric Garner’s and Mike Davis’ killers. In fact the only response has been military action on innocent civilians who are demonstrating in peaceful protest. As the saying goes, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” and if shit keeps hitting the fan like it has been…

There will be a revolution. Believe that.

#‎FuckPoliceBrutality‬ #Ferguson